Meet the candidates: Questions & Answers on the Socialist Equality Party’s program

Nick Beams, Socialist Equality Party national secretary and SEP candidate for the Senate in NSW, will address Question & Answer sessions in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne next week to discuss all aspects of the socialist and internationalist program being advanced by the SEP in the 2007 federal elections. Beams will be joined by other SEP Senate and House of Representatives candidates.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for SEP supporters, readers of the WSWS and members of the public, to ask questions about the SEP's program and policies. Beams will introduce the discussion with a brief outline of the key political and historical issues raised by the US-led war on Iraq, and the advanced preparations for an assault on Iran.

The Q&A sessions will be held in Blacktown, Marrickville, Newcastle and North Melbourne. The SEP extends to all WSWS readers a warm invitation to attend.

Tuesday 6 November
7 p.m.
SEP Election Headquarters
Suite 2, 9 Patrick Street, Blacktown
(Outside Westpoint Shopping Centre, above Dick Smiths-near Blacktown Station)

Grayndler-Kingsford Smith
Wednesday 7 November
7 p.m.
Herbert Greedy Hall
79 Petersham Road, Marrickville
(Just off Marrickville Road-near Marrickville Town Hall)

Thursday 8 November
7 p.m.
Newcastle Town Hall
Newcastle Room, Ground Floor
290 King Street, Newcastle
(Opposite Civic Park-nearest rail station Civic)

Wednesday 14 November
7 p.m.
North Melbourne Library
66 Errol St, North Melbourne

Authorised by N. Beams, 100B Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, NSW

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