Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Burmese military cracks down on escalating protests”

Grateful for being set straight about the leader under house arrest all these years. I always thought her more progressive. I am surprised and disappointed you didn’t mention the huge influence of UNOCAL and now Chevron.


British Columbia, Canada

27 September 2007

On “Burmese troops gun down protestors”

Once again, the WSWS and the ICFI have proven themselves masters of the situation. While the entire nominal left has bowed down to accommodate the hypocritical sensationalism of the Western press and governments over the power struggle in Myanmar, the WSWS has stood tall and given no ground. The WSWS has to be the boldest, if not the only voice representing the objective, material-historical view of the situation. The ICFI has conducted itself as true followers of Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky, bringing attention not to the form of the protests but to their nature as an objective element in Great Power struggles, tied in with the material interests of the parties who lead it and who oppose it. While the press here in the United States distributes snapshots of isolated moments of police brutality, the WSWS has captured the underlying motion of the event itself.


South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

29 September 2007

On “State of Michigan faces government shutdown: Legislators debate massive cuts”

I would like to say that your article concerning the possible government shutdown is by far the most informative article I have read to date on this issue. Though my biggest question—namely, “How long would a shutdown last?”—remains largely unanswered, you have offered insight into a few of the possibilities. I was also impressed by the amount of data you presented concerning the recommended budget cuts. No one else has provided nearly as much information on the specifics as you have. You are an excellent journalist; keep up the good work.


28 September 2007

On “The Simpsons Movie: An audience of ‘big fat suckers’?”

As a socialist, student of film and a writer I think this well written article misses the point. I deeply enjoyed the Simpsons film. Since its inception, the humor, content and style of the show have aged greatly. Apart from profiteering and nostalgia there is little incentive to continue. It is quite appropriate that they highlight the meaningless activity of turning the Simpsons into a feature. It is unnecessarily superfluous. It conveys the apathy of the mass to their predicament. Nobody really cares about anything unless it directly affects them. This is well conveyed in the film.

Compared with the trite state of cinema at large—Transformers, Evan Almighty and Fantastic Four, for example, alongside the myriad of rubbish Hollywood produces annually—what more could you expect from the most successful TV show ever? It carries ultimate importance, the irony is subtle and well crafted. If you expect deeper political criticism it would be wise to look elsewhere. It will not be extracted from a marketed consumable such as The Simpsons Movie.


28 September 2007

On “US Joint Chiefs chairman declares homosexuality ‘counter to God’s law’”

Cynicism is a common denominator for all those who still want people in all countries to hold tight to the idea that a “god” rules the universe (and is therefore ultimately responsible). Discussions on “religious morality” among obvious criminals are nevertheless the last step before complete bankruptcy. What kind of “God’s law” would general Pace be mentioning when talking about homosexuals? Are there good and bad god’s laws? If a child is born blind or deaf, obeying to the god’s will implicit in the universal system he would have “created,” should we be allowed to talk about “a bad law”? Are natural facts to be judged good or bad according to religious criteria? What kind of political regime exists in the US? One cannot avoid thinking of the Roman Catholic Inquisition when reading and hearing what is going on in America in the 21st century!


28 September 2007

* * *

Any ignorant fool can see that the US is conducting a 21st century crusade/holy war in the Middle East to protect the world from the creation of a European Islamo-fascist caliphate. All measures are acceptable; nothing is off the table in defeating this nefarious threat to the civilized world, that will no doubt bring with it rampant homosexuality. The world is a much safer, tolerant and enlightened place thanks to God’s laws and those like the pious General Pace who makes it their personal quest to let neither reality nor logic stand in their way to enforce them! Hallelujah!


Melbourne, Australia

30 September 2007

On “The Bush-Aznar tapes: glimpse of a gangster preparing for war”

This all brings us back to the real reason for the war on Iraq. Although I’m a socialist and sociologist, I believe we have to look into Bush’s childhood and his conflict with his father. He was driven by demons from his past to pursue this war, to triumph where he saw his father as failing and overthrow his father’s old enemy, Saddam. I’ve written elsewhere of his dry drunk thinking which either preceded or was a result of his drinking and drug use. For the answer to the war in Iraq, since it was economically and historically stupid, too stupid even for Bush’s intelligence, we have to consider his mind.


Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA

29 September 2007