Socialist Equality Party in Australia launches new election web site

The Socialist Equality Party (Australia) has launched its new federal election web site today, just two days after Prime Minister John Howard announced the November 24 poll. The site will make the party’s federal election campaign accessible to workers and young people throughout the country and around the world.

During the next six weeks the SEP election site will be updated daily, with regular analyses of the election campaign, statements from the SEP’s House of Representatives and Senate candidates, YouTube footage and podcasts.

The SEP candidates, led by the party’s national secretary Nick Beams, will speak out on war and militarism, the ever-widening chasm between rich and poor, and the growing attack on democratic rights, in opposition to attempts by the parliamentary parties—Labor, Liberal, Democrats and Greens—to suppress any discussion or debate on the most critical issues confronting ordinary working people.

Commencing today, the SEP’s site, found at www.sep.org.au, will:

* feature the SEP’s election statement, outlining the party’s perspective, program and policies

* provide a facility to order bulk copies of the SEP election statement for distribution in your local area

* carry up-to-date listings of SEP meetings, events and candidate appearances

* provide information on each of the nine House of Representatives electorates being contested, along with biographical profiles of each of our candidates

* provide a facility to submit questions to the party’s candidates about the policies and program of the SEP

The site also carries an appeal for the SEP’s $50,000 Election Fund, and we urge all readers of the World Socialist Web Site to donate generously. We appeal to our supporters to read the SEP’s web site regularly and to volunteer to participate in the SEP’s campaign.

Authorised by N. Beams, 100B Sydenham Rd, Marrickville, NSW