Letter from the children of Jean Brust, veteran Trotskyist

November 24 marked 10 years since the death of Jean Brust, a founding member of the Workers League, predecessor of the Socialist Equality Party. The following letter was sent to the World Socialist Web Site by Cynthia and Steven Brust, the surviving children of Jean Brust, a veteran of the Trotskyist movement.

Dear Comrades,

As the surviving children of Jean and Bill Brust, we would like to extend our appreciation of the memorial articles posted on the anniversary of Jean’s death. They recall her fiery spirit and deep belief in the strength of the working class so vividly that it is hard to believe she has been gone for 10 years.

So many developments have taken place in the past decade! Jean would have seen each of them as confirmation of her life-long struggle, and she would rejoice in the growth and development of the WSWS web site and the response it has aroused worldwide.

We share in the pride she would have felt in your use of modern technology to extend and strengthen the struggle for historic principles and the building of a worldwide Trotskyist leadership.

Our warmest greetings,

Cynthia and Steven Brust