Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Congressional Democrats plan three-stage charade to pass Iraq war funds

We’ve been watching this charade since the 1980s. First, the Republicans propose outrageous plans. Then the Democrats respond with outrage. Next, the Democrats immediately send out a blitz of fundraising emails/mail, vowing to fight the Republican plan. After that, “inexplicably,” the opposition votes fall “just short” of what is needed to block the Republican plan. Finally, the Democrats repeat outrage, vow to “keep fighting,” and send out a second blitz of fundraising letters/emails.

If you review the past quarter-century of US politics, you will see that the Democratic Party has consistently, deliberately, ensured that the “Republican Revolution” of Gingrich/Reagan moved forward unimpeded. This extends from working to dismantle the New Deal, using public funds instead to pay the tax debts of the very rich, to ensuring the continuation of a war opposed by the overwhelming majority of Americans.


Wisconsin, USA 13 May 2008

On “Lebanon: Hezbollah makes show of strength against Siniora government

I think that the spark that started the war was the declaration of Jumblat concerning the telephone lines and the security officer at the airport, Mr. Shukair, that were followed immediately by Siniora taking decisions to stop the telephone lines and to transfer Mr. Shukair without any investigation. The telephone lines have existed for a long time. The government accepted Hezbollah as a resistance movement; the telephone lines were crucial to the resistance. So why this decision all of a sudden and in these circumstances? I wonder, especially as the government knew very well what would be the reaction of Hezbollah. At the same time I must say that the reaction was too strong. Personally, I blame the government for everything that happened.


Beirut, Lebanon

14 May 2008

On “Why the propaganda campaign for international intervention in Burma?

Burma is in reality more than one country run by more than three different military/militia organizations. Shanland.org is a dense source on the history of the area, and US meddling is not new. The KMT, Chiang Kai-Sheik’s feudal army, having lost to Mao, had the CIA supply its refuge in the Shanland area. Not nice, because the old guns-for-drugs market flourished, just like the Contra thing, Ollie North, etc. So that’s how the CIA funds its own company and makes its own foreign policy.


11 May 2008

On “Turkish government pledges new attacks on workers

This is an excellent documentation of how the IMF applies economic screws to maximize profit in Turkey. Similar tools are used throughout the world by local ruling elites to extract every last drop of value, the “pound of flesh,” needed to sustain life.

Most working people never have access to such information, let alone any leadership as to what to do about such super exploitation. WSWS/SEP international reporting needs to expose this systemic destruction of people and society in every country, and then distribute this information and organize as widely as possible.

Working people need this understanding of how this system works in different countries around the world. It makes people realize that local reforms of the global capitalist system are simply out of the question. Personal efforts are ineffective against such powerful systemic exploitation.


15 May 2008

On “UAW president’s radio comments underscore union-management gang-up against American Axle strikers

Please analyze why GM hasn’t pushed harder to end this strike. Is it because GM is sitting back and taking notes and seeing how the UAW is acting? Could it be that GM is going to try similar tactics sooner rather than later?


Flint, Michigan, USA

15 May 2008

On “The tsunami in Sri Lanka: A case study in US humanitarian missions

Good, well-analyzed report. After all, the US is supposed to have given some $176 million in tsunami aid to Sri Lanka. What became of it all? According to a Transparency International report some years ago, mum was the word, which said a lot.

Whether it is Sri Lanka or Myanmar, without good governance and honest people on top, nothing works and is likely to work. Without responsibility and public accountability by rulers, failure is assured. This is unfortunately the lot of the people of Sri Lanka and Myanmar. When juntas take over they become a law unto themselves. Anyone can see that!


15 May 2008

On “Colombian extraditions aimed at covering up Uribe’s death squad ties

Spot on, of course. Keep up the good work. I think with the tactical defeat imperialism faces in the Middle East, Latin America will become the Schwerpunkt for the efforts of the dying empire to maintain itself. Where its colonialism began, there it will end.


Winchester, Virginia, USA

16 May 2008