Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Populism and plutocracy: Obama speaks to the Wall Street Journal”

I just read this article, and although these politics are nothing new, I just wanted to congratulate you for expertly deciphering the Democratic Party’s rhetoric. It is easy, unfortunately, based on their subtle word tricks, to think that perhaps there are some Democrats who want some level of change. Your article makes short work of Obama’s supposedly liberal stance in a way that makes it easy for workers uneducated in politics to understand.

Once again, congratulations.


19 June 2008

On “Obama speaks in Detroit: rhetoric versus reality”

I began today’s issue by listening to the three interviews with residents of Detroit facing hard times before turning to this article. Thus I reversed its title by listening to the “reality” before reading about the “rhetoric” employed by the Obama media circus. I applaud the writer’s observations. Like New Labour over a decade ago, the Democratic Party is fully engaged in spin-doctoring and manipulation. Had Obama been serious about change he would have addressed the conditions raised in the interviews. Instead, we had Stevie Wonder’s music, a light-show, and the request to three female American Muslims wearing headscarves to “kindly leave the stage” in order not to offend the sensibilities of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter—who may now be wanting to support Obama now that Hillary has exited stage right. This is very relevant reporting. Like the dubious figure played by Calvin Lockhart in Cotton Comes to Harlem, Obama has yet to convince many of us and, on the evidence supplied by WSWS, the jury is not only out but ready to convict. The last person to use the JFK model was none other than Bill Clinton himself who, as we all know, ended “welfare as we know it.” The Democratic Party is no real opposition.


20 June 2008

On “Britain: Shell tanker drivers’ strike foreshadows summer of discontent”

It was interesting that you quoted a letter to the Mail! You should see their front page today: far to the left of the Guardian editorial column! Truly we live in a world turned upside down. I suppose that’s the difference between a right-wing populist paper and an elite liberal paper on the eve of revolutionary turmoil: in a perverse sort of way, it’s the right-wing populist paper that is quicker to reflect the ever-mounting wrath of the masses.


20 June 2008

On “Israeli attack on Iran: ‘not a matter of if, but when’ ”

There is not in the whole world a country more arrogant than Israel. Whereas Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has nuclear bombs, she is now threatening to bomb a country that does not own or have one. Where is the conscience of the world, and who is going to bomb Israel for having nuclear weapons? This is the end of the world, where the soi-disant democratic country, meaning America, is siding with the evil.


Beirut, Lebanon

20 June 2008

On “Big oil cashes in on Iraq slaughter”

We all knew it was true; thank you for reporting it!


Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, USA

21 June 2008

On “Iraq: New offensive targets Sadrist movement in Amarah”

The articles on Iraq of June 18, 2008, contain more information of value than contained in The Ocala Star Banner and the St. Petersburg Times over the last six months. The WSWS reports on vital topics are superb. If only that information was available by way of the general news media, there would be profound changes in the operation of our government that would forever limit the misuse, abuse and worldwide violence such as has been inflicted by the US throughout the earth since WWII.


Ocala, Florida, USA 21 June 2008

On “US leads world in imprisoning people”

My compliments for a beautifully written article that incorporates facts, statistics and a conclusion worthy of being read by all Americans.

I grew up in the US but have now lived back and forth between the US and EU. I completely agree with your conclusion regarding the total contradictory, and I’d add hypocritical, social format of the US. It is unfortunate that the grand majority of Americans are blinded, deafened and muted by either false bigot values or the brainwashing of its leaders.

I am also studying the Social Sciences, and therefore fully appreciate your thesis that social problems are not addressed. Thank you for an insightful read.


22 June 2008