Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “Obama continues lurch to the right on Iraq war and militarism”

The Obama Lurch is the two-step dance he was expected to make to the right. No one who has witnessed the American political scene for the last 30 years should have expected anything else. Corporatism is the ruling factor in American politics. Obama has been vetted and tattooed with the Corporate Logo. Americans have no greater say in politics than the ancient Romans who watched Caesar, Crassus and Pompey carry on their private wars of aggression against the Romans and non-Romans. Obama is a true Manchurian Candidate.


USA 4 July 2008

* * *

Our US political system has simply been made more efficient. By this point in the show, we’re down to two men competing for a high-paid position in the same company. There is a single agenda, and a single-party government.

Barack Obama was especially skilled at enabling people to believe what we all so desperately wanted to believe. That’s real salesmanship. With the primary behind him, and a weak opponent, Obama is now “clarifying” his positions and plans while subtly letting we lowly masses know that our thoughts are simply irrelevant. All we have to do is work hard and play by all the rules, and not get distracted by trying to think too much.


5 July 2008

On “Obama’s patriotism tour: the last refuge of a Democratic scoundrel”

I am a Democrat, but I could not believe this article I just read. If this is true—and I don’t think you are lying—it appears to me that Obama has sold us down the river. What is the difference between Bush, McCain and Obama? They are following the Bush agenda right to the letter. I am a World War II vet, and I was hoping what time I had left I would have a good Democrat in office and get our troops home. Plus overturning the other Bush’s agenda. If this holds true I certainly will not vote this year. I still can’t believe what I read from your site.


Tucson, Arizona ,USA

On “New York court dismisses case against former stock exchange head”

The amorality play of the fall of New York’s former Governor Spitzer goes on. When he was New York’s attorney general, Spitzer relentlessly pursued business crooks, formerly known as malefactors of great wealth in the early 20th century. Dick Grasso, formerly of the NYSE, got a most generous settlement when he resigned. Spitzer used his powers to force Grasso to give millions back to the NYSE because they were ill gotten gains.

Andrew Cuomo, the current attorney general, allowed Grasso to keep his millions by not pursuing the case Spitzer initiated. All of us now know that no good deed goes unpunished in New York. Spitzer has been ruined and disgraced for consorting with high priced prostitutes. Grasso got his revenge. Maybe somebody will make a musical or play of this amoral incident. It could become a hit on Broadway.


4 July 2008

* * *

Judge McGuire completely ignores dissenting justice Mazzarelli’s point that the ruling “would open the door to a feeding frenzy of con men and swindlers.” It is irrelevant whether or not this door was initially opened with good or bad intentions, the court’s ruling now not only firmly holds that door open, but puts a big neon “Open for Business” sign out front.

Of course McGuire and the majority opinion have no legal hooks upon which to hang this ruling. Rather than actually addressing the very real concerns of the minority opinion, McGuire uses disparaging language to denigrate that concern. That this will now be exploited is as certain as night follows day.

What passes these days for learned judicial opinion is truly embarrassing.

SE San Jose, California, USA

4 July 2008

On “US: Mentally ill woman left to die in hospital waiting room”

I worked for 15 years in nursing homes in the State of Illinois as a vocational nurse. The best home in which I worked was sponsored by a religious group. All the others were run for private profit. With these types, one had to watch one’s hours and pay slip, as management would try to shortchange. There are many injuries to workers in nursing homes, and management does its best to avoid paying for those. The system is rotten from the top on down and those on the bottom are scapegoated when necessary. The only reward is getting fond of the residents who often become a second family. But even this is finally taken away as the job burns out and sours the staff. I don’t agree with the way Mrs. Green was treated, but I can see how it could happen.


Carlyle, Illinois, USA

5 July 2008