Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “US-Russian tensions in Caucasus erupt into war”

It was interesting to note that the major media in the US spent the vast bulk of their airtime airing John Edwards’ dirty laundry. Little was said about the Georgian-Russian war, which could explode into a bigger conflict. The corporate scribes had apparently not received their approved scripts from higher-ups. The few comments I heard condemned the Russian response as attacking a small Sovereign Nation (Georgia). One puppet commentator even had the nerve to suggest the Russians had no right to strike back and invade Georgia. The response from the Bush administration has included their usual hypocrisy: “Do as I say not as I do.” I suppose we can expect the Corporate Press to next compare the Georgian-Russian conflict to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.


9 August 2008

On “Military conflict between Russia and Georgia escalates”

Instead of putting millions of Americans to work harvesting the infinite energy resources of the sun, wind, and geothermal sources and re-opening closed car and steel plants to achieve this goal, our government is provoking nuclear confrontation in order to satisfy the oil barons who installed them in the White House. The issues and history between Georgia and Russia should not concern the people of the United States and they would not, if not for our aggressive addiction to fossil fuels. Secretary Rice has an oil tanker named after her, if I’m not mistaken, and her role in this is to represent BP, Shell, Exxon and others. It’s a very sad day when peace, harmony, and prosperity jeopardize with next quarter’s bottom line.


11 August 2008

On “Beijing Olympics celebrate the capitalist market and nationalism”

Thank you so much for pulling the covers on China’s so-called “Communist” government. They are just plutocrats at the top and, as usual, the oppressed millions (zillions?) on the bottom.


8 August 2008

On “Guantánamo trial sentence stuns Bush administration”

This is getting to be a bad month for W and crew. The Kangaroo Court at Gitmo gave bin Laden’s former driver a slap on the wrist. Russia has invaded the USA’s ally Georgia and is destroying Georgia’s forces and infrastructure at will. The spin on these events will be interesting. Will Karl Rove seek to recruit US volunteers to come to Georgia’s aid? Will Karl Rove become America’s bald eagle as Colonel Rove, leading American volunteers to save Georgia?


11 August 2008

On “Mars Phoenix Lander provides conclusive proof of ice water on Mars”

I was surprised at the enthusiastic tone of this article. I was waiting for the conclusion that spending billions of dollars to search for water on Mars might have been better spent cleaning up or creating water supplies for the billions of people here on Earth without a safe and adequate supply.


Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

9 August 2008