Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On “US, Europe denounce Russian support for Georgian provinces independence”

So, the US and Europe are critical of the Russia’s support for the independence of the South Ossetia region in Georgia! How come these same “powers” have been vitriolic in support of the “independence” of the Kosovo Albanians from Serbia?


28 August 2008

* * *

When growing up in the 60s we took information that the West wanted to ‘rule’ the world as communist propaganda. In the same vain, we always understood the role of NATO to be a bulwark against the Soviet Union and to stop to the spread of communism in western Europe. But European communism is long dead. The USSR is no more, yet NATO continues to expand eastwards, to surround a Russia that is no longer communist. This means that NATO is ‘naturally anti-Russian’ and it’s US/UK’s tool of dominating the world. So, the communists were right, after all, on the aims of the West and NATO, and the West has lied about its intentions all along.


Kampala, Uganda

29 August 2008

On “A letter and reply on Mars landing”

I follow with great excitement the developments in space exploration and travel. Each advance gives hope and wonder at the abilities and reach of humankind. Truly, we are capable of so much already, and so much more can be achieved with the proper attention and funding.

That NASA’s budget (as well as other scientific and educational organizations’) has been slashed is a crime against the future of humanity. As noted in the response of August 26, the funds have not been diverted to solve problems here on Earth; rather they have been stolen to fund more war and other such monstrous endeavors.

Under capitalism, it will always be so, and the idea that funds would be available “if only” is a handy lie that has been often employed to provide cover for cuts to important programs.


26 August 2008

On “Casting about for the truth of 9/11: Don DeLillo’s Falling Man”

Thanks for this fine review. I almost did one of the book here for the Mobile Press Register (Alabama), but I bailed on it. I like DeLillo, feel he’s a serious writer, but my feel of this book was—and you address this—that while there were very effective descriptive/evocative scenes, it ultimately failed as it seemed to reiterate all the familiar 9/11 tropes without the underlying context—historical, political and otherwise—which gives art depth. I’m not suggesting a polemic, but this book to me was the victim of its own limitations. Again, thanks for the review, as it helped me further understand my take on the book.


28 August 2008

On “McCain’s VP pick: A sign of deepening crisis in the Republican Party”

To the point. The choice of Palin was merely relevant by her gender, certainly not her experience. As a staunch advocate to the US present foreign dominance and terror, McCain has a trusty backup to speak of domestic policies, notably the rights of women. A bit like the crisscross game with the Democrats, revealing once more the total scam of it all to any American.


Dangstetten, Germany

30 August 2008