High fuel prices impoverish New York City taxi drivers

On September 4, 2008, the World Socialist Web Site published, "High fuel prices impoverish New York City taxi drivers," a report featuring interviews on the difficulties facing cabbies working in the city.  Taxi drivers in the US have been among those hit hardest by the steep rise of gasoline prices over the last year. Along with other workers and small business owners in the transportation industry around the world, taxi drivers are now facing a precipitous fall in their standard of living.

Here, New York City taxi drivers speak to the WSWS on the impact of the skyrocketing price of gas. Cabbies pay all of their expenses from fares and the city government has refused an increase to reimburse them for gas price increases. Cabbies are paying $125.00 to $160.00 each week out of their own pockets in higher fuel costs.