Socialist Equality Party launches new election web site

The Socialist Equality Party in the United States is launching a new web site that will coordinate its election campaign and serve as a center for organizing other party activities. The web site address is www.socialequality.com.

The SEP makes a special appeal to all readers to donate to our Campaign Committee to help us promote the perspective of the Socialist Equality Party. Donations can be made by mail or securely by credit card through PayPal. Click here to donate today!

Between now and Election Day, the SEP will hold a number of meetings at locations across the United States and internationally. Our meetings www.socialequality.com/meetings.html page will be constantly updated, so be sure to check back frequently. If you are interested in information on meetings planned in your area, or would like to invite our candidates to speak, please contact us.

Other features of the SEP web site include a page for videos, a page for statements in a convenient form for downloading and distribution, and a page with more information on the perspective of the SEP. All of these pages will be updated frequently.

The SEP is running an aggressive campaign this election. It will fight for the political independence of the working class against the two parties of big business, the Democrats and Republicans. Contact us today to participate in the campaign and join the SEP!