Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site


On "Worst week for global markets since 1929"

You could be forgiven for thinking that the situation that the capitalist system finds itself in is of a temporary and short-term nature, and that a bit of belt tightening and a little bit of sacrifice by workers were all that was needed to kick-start the system again. This is the impression that you get by listening to the analyses provided by the so-called experts and various ministers of different countries. In so far as you do hear about job losses, loss of pensions, people losing their homes, cuts in services, etc., you hear it for such a brief time anyway that it becomes secondary and insignificant compared to the needs of the banks, insurance and finance houses. They assume that spending trillions of dollars, pounds and euros will hold off the collapse of the system, and that this will be a small price to pay for keeping the system afloat. As we all know, this won't be the end of it. Even greater sacrifices will have to be made, and they will not be made by the people responsible for this crisis (the ruling and financial elite). It's the working class that will pay a heavy price for this. As you know, at the start of the twentieth century, the working class had historical and political tasks to fulfill, but because of various problems, it never happened. Let's hope that almost a century later, the historic duty of workers can be realised under the leadership of an independent party and organisation, namely the SEP/ICFI.


Liverpool, England

12 October 2008


You are right to emphasize that it is not a government takeover of the banks, but rather the large banks and financial aristocracy taking over government. That is outright, blatant corporatism, also known as fascism.


11 October 2008


That this financial tsunami, this catastrophe, is rippling across the whole globe demonstrates the universal nature of the problem. That is, as stated very often on your site, this is not a national problem and cannot be fixed by any one country, but a global meltdown of the capitalist system, requiring an international response from all workers.

To borrow the title of a recent movie, I truly think "there will be blood." Those in the financial elite may be so potted and sotted with money and their own delusions that they can't see or believe what is on the horizon--that is, their inevitable demise and the system they worship whose historical time is done. But I'm sure the more intelligent see the portents, and more of them feel it unconsciously. These criminals must be held to account.

Rob M

11 October 2008


I am encouraged by the recent debacle in the stock market and the multibillion-dollar bailout to the rich. The dullards in society are finally getting a picture of what capitalism is all about. Nothing for them and all for the rich. Could we be on the cusp of a socialist takeover? God, I hope so!

Richard N

Norwich, New York

12 October 2008


On "Canada: Conservatives call federal election for October 14"

Your September article powerfully confirms how economics drives ideologies, and laws, and not the other way around. It also demonstrates how quickly laws become irrelevant in the face of ever-mounting and multiple economic crises. The article opens by noting Prime Minister Harper needed to circumvent his own fixed election-date law to stay ahead of a rapidly deteriorating global economic situation.

This law, which only came into force in May 2007, was hailed as a significant democratic reform. According to the Hon. Rob Nicholson (then-leader of the government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform), "This Prime Minister will live by the law and spirit of this particular piece of legislation. He and this government are driving this democratic reform."

Yet, not even two years later, this law became a hindrance, swept away by global economic forces. The resulting election call should have engendered a serious legal and constitutional crisis. Dissolving Parliament may not only have violated section 56.1 of the Election Act, but may have also violated section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guaranteeing Canadians citizens democratic governance.

Instead, all five mainstream political parties have gone along with this unprincipled, and possibly illegal, election. At very least, their conformity is proof of an unwavering allegiance to their bourgeois capitalist masters.

In summary, these parties have only one real and consistent commitment: sustaining the existing social and economic order.

As the October article, "Leaders' debates underscores parties have no progressive solution to economic crisis" summarizes, "All five parties are beholden to the interests of Canadian big business. Just as they will do big business' bidding in imposing the burden of the economic crisis on working people, their electoral pronouncements notwithstanding, so they will, in response to the resurgence of inter-imperialist antagonisms, facilitate the Canadian bourgeoisie's attempts to revive militarism and assert its predatory interests on the global stage."

The above demonstrates that only way out of economics and politics as usual is by building an international workers' party, based on the principles of scientific socialism. Thanks, too, for keeping tabs on this election!

Dan P

11 October 2008


On "Canadian elections: Workers need new party"

The election reminds me of the often-asked question, "Why did the Jews so willingly go to their deaths without fighting back?" Well, why are most Canadians voting for parties that support the eventual death of Canada, democracy, justice, equality, well-being and a decent future? The sense of powerlessness imposed upon them by capitalism.

Stephanie N

Powell River, BC, Canada

13 October 2008


On "McCain-Palin campaign's attacks on Obama: a whiff of fascism"

We may not see people at Sarah Palin's rallies wearing white hoods and robes, since most Americans now use pastel pillowcases and sheets. Tastes in bed linens have changed, but American racism never changes.

Larry L

10 October 2008


Great article, Bill!

Let's see: continuing and powerful nationalism; control of the media; military supremacy; corruption and cronyism; disregard for human rights; support of the rich by the rest of us...

...forget the whiff, I'd say it's a full-on nasal assault of Fascism!

Douglas R


10 October 2008


In the light of your remark, "a whiff of fascism," I take the liberty of drawing the attention of the WSWS and your readers to a well-documented study Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party (Russ Bellant, Boston, MA: South End Press, 1991).

Raymond H

Paris, France

10 October 2008


You are correct. The Republican black shirts and brown shirts will not be silenced by an Obama victory and promise to continue their 25-year campaign of fear, hate and violence. While Obama stands against Joe McCarthy-type invectives about his innocuous association with a 1960s Weatherman, stands against being labeled "traitor" and "terrorist," and is subject to death threats in public, the people remain quiescent and fail to compute that the accusers themselves are the traitors and terrorists. It was not long ago that any person publicly verbalizing death threats against a public figure would be subject to restraint and questioning by law enforcement. No such reaction took place in Florida, and this indicates willingness by police and FBI to tolerate it. I predicted some time ago that civil war would occur in America, and the lines have been drawn. I don't wish to be remotely associated with any person supportive of McCain and Palin. It simply is not safe any longer. This domestic war--already reaching visible stages--will not be provoked and waged by 1960s Leftists, but by the Republican Right under the protection of law enforcement. Yes, this is fascist. For those many others that are not of Palin's "one of us," it will be dangerous times, for the Republican Ultra-Right, the Christian Coalition and the Patriot groups carry the guns!

Michael B

Maine, USA

10 October 2008