SEP election meetings

The origins and implications of the financial crisis: A Marxist analysis


It is now widely acknowledged in the press that the 2008 elections are taking place amid the greatest crisis of American capitalism since the Great Depression of the 1930s. What was once considered to be unimaginable is now taking place: the collapse of major financial institutions and banks, tens of billions of dollars committed to corporate bailouts. The Bush administration, with the support of the Democrats and both presidential candidates, has opened up the US Treasury to hand over hundreds of billions of dollars to buy up stock, “toxic” securities and worthless investments from the very people who have caused this crisis.

White and Van Auken will present a Marxist analysis of these developments. They will address the fundamental questions that are not being discussed in the media or by either presidential candidate:

* What is the cause of the economic and financial crisis?

* Who will be forced to pay for it?

* What will be the implications for working people?

* What is the alternative?

The meetings will provide an important opportunity for workers and students and readers of the WSWS to find out more about the SEP and become involved in building the international socialist movement.

Additional meeting locations and further details will be announced in the coming weeks. To become involved in the SEP campaign, or to find out how you can build a meeting in your area, contact us here. Visit www.socialequality.com for more information on the SEP and its election campaign.

Meeting times:

Monday, November, 3, 4:30 p.m.
University of Maryland School of Law
Room 300 A/B
500 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore. Maryland
Speaker: Bill Van Auken