More letters on the World Socialist Web Site redesign

The World Socialist Web Site has received a flood of emails in response to its new design, launched on October 22. We thank all who have sent comments, and we encourage our readers to continue to write in and tell us what you think.

Below we post a selection of the letters we have received. Earlier letters were posted here.

With regards to content, the new web site is a most inspiring and brilliant achievement. It is the necessary instrument for the renaissance of human knowledge. The party can be very proud of all its hard work, and readers can view and participate with real pride and a feeling of empowerment in a project that embodies the greatest purpose in history. I have wondered for years, when the party would reveal some of the important lessons of the 20th century. Why not bring these lessons together in one historical account? Well, the SEP Statement of Principles and the Historical and International Foundations of the SEP have begun that, and the new site is converging the essence of 163 years of Marxism and human culture.

The WSWS and the SEP's theory and practice are an expression of the fundamental historical lessons of the class struggle and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries, the development and contradictions of the world economy, and of Marxism's fight against revisionism and opportunism all brought together in one continuously evolving site for easy access by the masses. The site clarifies the fact that Marxism is truly an integral, historical and world outlook that will guide the working class in transforming the world.


California, USA

* * *

I don't agree with others' opinions about the implications of the "sleek" image of this new site, that we need a Drudge-type site to convey our message more effectively to the working class, that a visually more complex site somehow "betrays" our message, and so on. Such a position carries with it a hint of superciliousness, a tone of condescension that one can discern in the conversations of countless upper-middle-class, "hipster," or "alternative" types here in New York City when the subject of politics is broached.

There is a new design for a reason. The world is moving, the crisis of capitalism is intensifying, and we must address this with all the care and complexity that it deserves.


New York, New York, USA

* * *

This is truly a beautiful looking site. What a treat. The site's layout has been so meticulously considered, so professionally done. The choice of colours is on the conservative side but more than pleasing to the eye. The numerous photos to go with highlighted articles are an eye-catching addition. A user-friendly toolbar directs the reader to that sea of accumulated knowledge and experience, which was to a degree hidden in the previous format. 

I especially like the perspectives section. To direct the readership to a central issue in the form of a comment or editorial by one of the brilliant WSWS staffers will become essential reading for orientation and perspective. As the great events unfold the question asked will be, What does the WSWS have to say? 

I also love the chronological format employed for perusing past articles. It is so much more accessible. 

As well, I like the printer friendly format and the use of PDF. In fact, I think this could be used more frequently because the articles written on the WSWS have a timeless character as well as timely quality and urgency. Readers can download nicely designed PDF (the way the SEP congress documents and the polemic against Steiner have been designed for example) to add to a library of analysis in say "world economy" that they can refer to at a later point in time. 

Finally I think it is wonderful that the political and theoretical heritage of the Trotskyist movement has been introduced as a central part of the WSWS site. It's fabulous to see in the ICFI/Marxist archives section the past works of the movement, and in particular the writings of Leon Trotsky. The "coming soon" section is especially exciting. This wealth of intellectual property, which for a long time was only available by cadre, will now be made accessible to an ever-growing readership. That is a truly welcome development.



* * *

Wow! To paraphrase Vince Cable, you've gone straight from Mr. Bean to Russell Brand!!! Seriously, I'm a web designer and I think it's brilliant!

The overall layout and color scheme is pleasing. It's on a professional level equal to or superior to any of the capitalist media's web sites. Readers have been ruing the demise of the simpler old site, but they'll probably get used to the new layout and learn to focus in on their favourite areas. It's considered good web design to make as much content as possible to be accessible from a single screen view. I'm afraid I also prefer not to be assailed by TMI (Too Much Information), but it's probably the way to go.

The best thing about the new site for me is that it's well designed for Search Engine Optimization. Most people won't be aware of this. What this means is that the way the coding that underlies the web pages has been done will lead to more hits via search engines. The redesign will lead to a far greater number of visitors and also to a reduction in web hosting costs as the downloaded file sizes are smaller.

People have mentioned problems with text resizing; you could advise people to use CTRL +/- to adjust text size maybe.

Web design is a difficult job, as it's hard to please everybody, but I can appreciate the enormous skill, planning, sheer time and effort that have gone into the new design, especially as it manages to incorporate the vast amount of material previously on the WSWS. Well done and keep at it!


Leeds, United Kingdom

P.S. are you already planning the next redesign to coincide exactly with the revolution!!

* * *

Congratulations! The new site design is wonderful and has a very sophisticated look to it.

I've been with you pretty much the whole 10 years online and must say you have the pulse of our world situation in your hand and heads. If not for the net, I'd never have learned all that you have taught. Thank you for all your hard work, caring and dedication to our earth that the WSWS has brought to these pages.

May the next 10 years bring much success for the WSWS.


* * *

Congratulations! The site is very clear and accessible! No distracting animations, no superfluous graphics. Excellent work.


* * *

I've been accessing your web site for about four years now and always enjoy your analysis of the political situations that are developing. As for the looks of your new web site, it's awesome! Keep up the good work.



I think the new site is great! Long overdue, the makeover I think will allow the WSWS to visually stand up to other news sources, and be seen more for content and less for visual-outdatedness.

I read the site daily and want to thank you all for actually being truthfully Marxist. I cannot describe my frustration with groups such as the Revolutionary Communist Party and others that confuse and contort the Marxist approach.


Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA


Congratulations on your new web design. I hope you will find the great mass audience that you deserve.

When I first read the news about it I was bit skeptical. I had never heard about a web site being prepared for a re-design for a year. But now I see that you have fulfilled my expectations. The site looks modern, interactive and accessible.

Best wishes


Lima, Peru

* * *

I really liked the simplicity of the last page, but I think the redesign is good. It will take a little getting used to.


* * *

Congratulations! Keep up the struggle and initiatives


Kumasi, Ghana

* * *

The new format on a scale of 0 to 10? A total zero. I am impressed neither by glibness nor ‘glitz'. I am an Encyclopedia Britannica person. Your new layout is a waste of your money, and of my time and effort. Your site was so ‘pure' and simple in form; a pleasure to navigate. Even though I have a 25-inch flatscreen, your site is too large to fit. I always read you first; now, I will rarely bother.


Sevierville, Tennessee

* * *

First day WSWS rollout letters are interesting. For the not so positive ones my reply is the same as to my trainees of the past. "Hold your horses for a week by which time you have learned to navigate the NEW."‌ I'm talking about instructing commercial pilots and maintenance engineers, a profession that is constantly on the move up with resulting changes.

Personally, yesterday (first day rollout) it did take me a little time to find things, so I gave myself an hour trying out all there is to try out, and today (second day) getting along fine surfing the site. Yes, the old format was easier having used it for a decade or more, but IT is moving along, and lots has changed since the old format started, so it was past the time for WSWS to move up in the IT. In this case the jump was too large.

I can understand the problem with small screen monitors. There is a saying in Europe, "Scots people are tight with money—Dutch people are careful with money."‌ I'm careful with money, so when upgrades come out I look at them but wait till all the must have maniacs have theirs, then after a little while the price comes down to my range and I buy. Of course sometimes I do miss out, but such is life, you can't win all the time.

As always,



 * * *

I almost never say this about a re-designed anything, but--great new web site! I've been reading for years (and years and years), and this is a very well thought out upgrade, congratulations!


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

* * *

I have been reading the World Socialist Web Site for the past 10 years and grew accustomed to the old design. However, the new design is pleasing to the eye and indicates a certain growth, if not coming of age of this invaluable source of news and information. Here's hoping that the WSWS keeps growing from strength to strength. 

(Although I have not tested it, I hope that your search engine has been improved).

Kind regards,


South Africa

* * *

Congratulations for such a huge leap in the quality of your site. The level of user friendly professionalism will allow many people to walk with socialistic reality creations in a new manner!



* * *

Go back to the old design.


* * *

The look is more contemporary and similar to a normal news site without the ads. Overall positive. Printable articles fit on far fewer pages—hooray for printing costs and distribution. World news no longer has country subheadings—have to use search function. Main Title is a little bit sparse.


New Zealand

* * *

The new design is much nicer. Thanks for your nice articles.


* * *

Congratulations, on the nice site redesign. I feel that more people will regularly visit the site now.