Redesigned World Socialist Web Site begins Wednesday, October 22

The international editorial board is pleased to announce that a redesigned World Socialist Web Site will begin publication next Wednesday, October 22.

The redesigned site is the product of the work of an international team of web designers and technicians who have been at work on the project for more than a year. In the first major redesign of the site since its founding in February 1998, the World Socialist Web Site will make use of the latest developments in web design and technology. In addition to its new and modern look, the WSWS will offer significant advances in functionality, including a much-improved Google-based search engine. The redesigned site will also make extensive use of video in the presentation of news and commentary.

The redesign of the World Socialist Web Site has been undertaken in response to the demands posed by a rapidly growing readership and in anticipation of major changes in the political situation. The explosive development of the global economic crisis, which will lead inevitably to an intensification of international class struggle, makes the launch of the redesigned World Socialist Web Site extremely timely.

Again, the first edition of the redesigned site is October 22. Don't miss it!