Letters from our readers


The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On "David Walsh in the UK: Intense discussion at London School of Economics meeting"

Please continue this extremely important conversation. Artists, writers and intellectuals must lead the people to a higher consciousness in order to effect major change—prepare and direct people (yet not in a didactic or prescriptive way), help them understand the major tectonic changes that are about to occur. It is, of course, for the current system/setup essential that people be kept uninformed and unenlightened. I look forward to the transcriptions and postings of these meetings. 

Also, you are so right, the social conditions for artists now are an abomination, driven by a leveling and often insane market and reward system, wherein serious artists—whose message(s) do not set the cash registers ringing—struggle and do not have the time/space to pursue their art, as it is often all they can do to put food on the table in a society which does not value or understand their true calling. This is at least here in America and elsewhere, I'm sure, where market dynamics rule.

Rob M

21 November 2008

On "Impact of the General Motors crisis in Germany"


It astounds me to see that the reaction of big business to the drop in purchasing power of the common man, which is fueling this slump, is to cut their purchasing power. The cure, it seems, for banks rolling in debt and playing fast and loose with cash and credit is to infuse them with more cash and credit. Isn't this throwing fuel on the fire? This is as insane as invading Afghanistan in response to the Taliban being upset at American Mideast military bases. Has the world lost its mind? I used to sit back and marvel at the causes and execution of WWII, thinking that we've come so far and that something like this could not happen again. Well, I can see now that the only way for capitalism to survive is to start another war, invade more countries, enslave more low-wage workers and start the process at square 1945 all over again. I'm wondering if Russia will side with Iran in WWIII or how this will go down, exactly.


19 November 2008

On "Canadian Auto Workers union presses for bailout of auto bosses"

We, the people, need to oppose these bailouts to huge corporations and banks. This is utterly asinine that we sit back and watch our taxpayer monies go to stockholders and CEOs of massively overpaid slavery houses. My brother-in-law works for GM in Oshawa, and all he's getting since they went back in September is an ulcer. He's actually now on anti-anxiety medication (don't get me started on pharmaceuticals!), because the new night shifts he's permanently on, and the constant fear of being laid off or fired, is too much for him to handle right now. He is losing co-workers almost every day since it reopened.

I also find it disgusting that Tony Clement, the former federal health minister (Minister of Perpetual Sickness), is once again heading down South to get more ideas from his American buddies. After his draconian attempts to ruin the Natural Health industry in Canada, now he's fighting for the automakers?! I feel as though we're in Orwellian hell, and am seriously waiting for the automakers to revamp, and begin making mysterious ‘new' parts, like the Germans did pre-WWII. Please continue to publish these articles that the general public so desperately need to read. (I promise that they all won't set me off as much as this one.) Thank you! 

Lisa D

British Columbia, Canada

19 November 2008

On "Mounting signs of protracted world recession"


Mike Head gives us another report of all of the world's economies going to hell in a hand basket. We're now in for a prolonged recession. I have an old man's cynicism telling me that the world is heading for a depression, as in the mother of all depressions. It's no longer a matter if we're going to have a worldwide depression but it's now a matter when the coming depression will arrive, how deep a depression we'll have. Is anybody betting on if we will ever get out of the coming depression and when that will happen? I'd offer to hold the bets but I wouldn't make any money on interest if I deposited it in a bank.

Larry L

19 November 2008

On a letter on Blindness

I feel I must respond to Donna H.'s letter about Blindness. I haven't seen the film and understand from reviews that it is not very inspired. However, I do consider Saramago's book to be a great novel. In the novel, he is not putting down or belittling people for being blind; the blindness is more like an uncontrollable plague which stimulates more and more repressive measures from the state. It is also meant to be a metaphor (moral, political blindness). I don't think Saramago meant to demean blind people.


British Columbia, Canada

19 November 2008

On "Obama's attorney general pick and the illusion of change"


Just a note to say what a brilliant inclusion the daily perspectives are. That's the first item I check when logging on to the site. They are great additions from an educational standpoint and for use in clarification in discussions.

David D


19 November 2008

On "South Texas county indicts Cheney, Gonzales"


The three governing rules of the justice system are politics, politics, politics.

Jim D

20 November 2008