Letters from our readers


On "Canada's constitutional coup: A warning to the working class"


Sounds a bit like the constitutional crisis here in Australia in 1975 when the unelected Governor General conspired with the opposition to overthrow the democratically elected government.

Leith E

5 December 2008


There it is then. The verdict is in after all these years. Hardly merely a figurehead.  It's monarchy and heredity after all and above all, and hardly democracy at all.


5 December 2008


Thank you very much for this lucid and articulate explanation of the current political crisis in Canada. The discussion of this in the corporate and state media here is so superficial and bad that it almost makes one despair.

Kamilla V

North Vancouver, Canada

5 December 2008

On "The Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party"

Dear WSWS,

I've just received your excellent booklet The Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party.

For those who are reading this overview and require some additional detail on a particular topic, I encourage all of you visit the online lectures offered by David North, Nick Beams, Peter Schwarz, Bill Van Auken and David Walsh in August, September and October of 2005. These outstanding lectures on the history of socialism are available online at this website. What a great resource for understanding the history of the 20th Century!

Lecture one: The Russian Revolution and the unresolved historical problems of the 20th century
Lecture two: Marxism versus revisionism on the eve of the twentieth century
Lecture three: The origins of Bolshevism and What Is To Be Done?
Lecture four: Marxism, history and the science of perspective
Lecture five: World War I: The breakdown of capitalism
Lecture six: Socialism in one country or permanent revolution
Lecture seven: Marxism, art and the Soviet debate over "proletarian culture"
Lecture eight: The 1920s—the road to depression and fascism
Lecture nine: The rise of fascism in Germany and the collapse of the Communist International

Many thanks, 

Randy R

Oregon, USA

5 December 2008

On "UAW pledges to impose further job losses and concessions on auto workers"


It is really pathetic how organized labor is going begging on behalf of the big auto companies. The AFL-CIO has just sent out an urgent e-mail appeal to all affiliated unions pleading with us to contact lawmakers in Congress in support of the "bridge loan" to the automakers to "protect American jobs" and warning of "unthinkable consequences" if it fails. The message was signed by Marc Laitin, AFL-CIO Online Mobilization Coordinator, and sent via the electronic "Working Families e-Activist Network." Laitin assures us the automakers have a real plan to "revitalize" their companies, with the UAW's blessing, and "workers will do their part too."  He must think we are pretty stupid.  It sounds to me like workers will be shouldering the entire burden of the crisis.

The closing comments note, "Together, we can save good union jobs and help rebuild America's middle class." These miserable comments are the only perspective organized labor has to offer.

Lesley J

Ohio, USA


The media and news should use the word "loan" not auto bailout. The US auto industry is asking for a loan, but all news media have been reporting it as a bailout, and it makes a difference!


7 December 2008

On "In bid for loans, Detroit auto makers outline plans for drastic downsizing"


I view this as a lose-lose situation. The people I most grieve for are those who gave a lifetime of service to these companies and are being shrugged off.

I say, this thing is going to collapse no matter what we do. Best solution in my opinion is to give the Big Three billions of dollars, as severance packages for its employees and retirees, so that they are taken care of for a time after the inevitable collapse of the US auto industry. It's going to happen; we should be focused on protecting the little guy, not the companies themselves.

Renee M

5 December 2008