Letters on Bush’s trip to Iraq


The following letters were sent to the World Socialist Web Site in response to Bush's "victory" visit to Iraq.

On "Bush's 'victory' visit to Iraq meets with contempt and protest"


What a fitting and symbolic send-off to a warmonger who has caused havoc and mayhem to people, particularly in the Middle East, from Palestine to all lands of Mesopotamia—the worst of its kind this century. He deserves to be tried as a war criminal, no less than the tyrants in history!


Sri Lanka

16 December 2008


How do people like George Bush sleep at night? Surely the people of Iraq have a right to life the same as George Bush does, but these people in top positions seem to think any one other than them is dispensable. It will be so nice not to have to look at that smirky, smiling face on our television sets. Let's hope Obama doesn't go down the same killing track in the name of his God.



16 December 2008


Excellent analysis, nice summing up. Too bad Mr. al-Zaidi forgot to wear his special shoes that day... GWB is disgusting—no one can be that stupid or disingenuous, can they?

Thanks for expanding on the "cause."  Gee, how can these people be mad at us?  Criminal proceedings must be brought against Bush and his co-conspirators. The tribunal, of course, will have to be outside the usual self-licking lollipop of DC politics. They need to be called upon to answer to the American people and make amends/apologies for the horrors they have perpetuated upon the world.    

Rob M

16 December 2008


This is an especially effective, sensitive, well-written article. The WSWS has been weak in capturing and expressing the spirit of resistance amongst the people—pace the videos—but this article takes important and necessary steps in that direction, while putting that spirit into the broader political context.

Michael G

16 December 2008

On "Iraqi government seeks criminal prosecution of anti-Bush protestor"

The way the Maliki government is treating al-Zaidi is proof, as if any were needed, of its complete puppet status. To allow this to happen to one of their own people, who righteously condemned Bush and the occupation, is disgraceful. It will only spur on the elements of Iraqi society who are resisting the occupation. I doubt that Maliki has the ability to control the likely repercussions of this, which will mean more crackdowns by the occupation forces.


San Francisco, California

17 December 2008