Letters on Israel’s assault on Gaza


The following is a selection of letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site on the US-backed Israeli war on Gaza.

On "Hands off Gaza!"


Barry Grey and David North are reporting Israel's invasion of the Palestinian enclave of the Gaza Strip.  The irony of the whole damned operation is striking.  The great grandchildren of Jews slaughtered by German Nazis in Europe from 1933-45 are embarked on another episode of genocide aimed a Palestinian Muslims by means of elements of the IDF. First the IAF cruelly pounded Gaza for a week; now ground forces of the IDF have invaded the Gaza strip. I can't bear thinking of how the victims of Nazi genocide have turned to using genocide and have been keeping at it 60 years since Nazi Germany was destroyed.  We have Israeli genocide against Palestinians.  How does one manage to cry, vomit and feel deep rage at the same Instant?  The irony is bitter.

Larry L

5 January 2008


Barry and David, a moving and accurate article.

America and Israel have a great deal in common, and may well be linked in some kind of ironic and cosmic morality play of existential theater, with time to still be played out:

Both were founded by escaping from more powerful empires ---- and both have become closer, through the modern perversion of their governments, to the empires they escaped than they would like to admit.

Average working-class Americans, and average working-class Israelis, need to recognize the global ruling-elite "corporate financial Empire" they are both caught up in, they need to foreswear empire, they need to revolt against empire, and they need to excise the metastasizing cancer of global ruling-elite empire from this world for their own sakes and for the sake of all others sharing this fragile world.

Alan M

Maine, USA

5 January 2008

On "Israel spreads death and destruction as it advances into Gaza"


It shouldn't come as any surprise that Israel has decided that brutal violence as the only means available to it in order to ensure its hegemony in the region. After all, if they let the Palestinian people come to the table and talk, then they might legitimise the Palestinian struggle in the eyes of the world. 

Above all things Israel and its supporters are afraid of this. Afraid that the oppressed might find a voice. The Western media is willingly to acknowledge the brutality and inhumanity of Israel's latest 'war' against the Palestinian people but they still refer to Hamas as a "terrorist organisation" committed, in all but name, to evil. 

It is a good relief that the World Socialist Web Site is willing to show the reality and highlight the hypocrisy in the mainstream media.

Michael R

Sydney, Australia

6 January 2008

On "German Chancellor Merkel defends Israeli onslaught on Gaza"


Just as happened with the attacks on Lebanon a few years ago, the Israeli government is being given carte blanche for wanton murder by the world governments. 

The Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is to blame for all of the strife and death that has followed. Israel has defied the United Nations more times than did Saddam Hussein in his time, but they continue to benefit from being depicted as a poor, defenseless and persecuted nation of peace-loving innocents. This lie is being borne out daily by the actions of the Israeli government. 

The Israeli people, on the other hand, are for the most part appalled, and many groups within Israel who have long been opposed to the Occupation and the danger in which it places Israeli citizens have been marching in the streets in response to this latest atrocity. Of course, the American mainstream media does not report on these things.

The continuing depredations of the state of Israel will do more to endanger the lives of Israelis and Jewish people around the world than anything else.


California, USA

2 January 2009

On the potential use of phosphorous bombs

There are credible reports (in the Daily Mail and Unita) of phosphorous bombs being used by the Israeli army against the civilians in Gaza. Phosphorous is a terrible weapon. It burns and keeps burning, even under water. Phosphorous bombs are banned by the Geneva convention.

If confirmed these actions would amount to war crimes. This is very bad. The Israeli soldiers should refuse to commit war crimes in this war. There should be serious protests if these reports are confirmed.


5 January 2008