Letters on WSWS coverage of the incoming Obama administration


On “Obama’s inaugural address: Amid banalities, a call for austerity”

I want to thank the World Socialist Web Site for being one of the sole voices for serious criticism of Barack Obama.


Yesterday I felt like I had woken up on the set of a zombie film. Even veteran defender of the left, Pete Seeger, seems to have been duped by the cult of Obama. It’s as if people are so eager to rid the world of the Bush administration that they have lost all sense of reality. I could not find a single word of rational analysis within the mainstream press. The whole thing belies the complete lack of theoretical analysis within popular commentary.


Reading the transcript of Obama’s inaugural speech was like reading a J.R.R. Tolkien history of US foreign policy, as if they are hobbits battling the forces of Sauron. Ironically racism underscores the entire thing—the millions slaughtered by the US during the ‘Cold War’ can be conveniently left unmentioned, because they are essentially treated as untermenschen within political discourse. 


There appears to be two dominant religions in the US, Christianity and Americanism—belief in the latter requires a fairytale view of American history, and its holy texts are updated each year by Hollywood.


Obama and his administration are real enemies of the working class—there will be a lot of very disappointed people this year.


Thank you for maintaining a consistently sober analysis of the US system and defending the working people, whose struggles the elite would like erased from the pages of history.


Patrick M.

21 January 2009


On “On the eve of Obama’s inauguration”

I have been afraid to say what Barry has communicated in this article. I feel conflicted because, yes, it is a time of inspiration and I do believe that the American people are ready, but I am not so sure that they are actionable or ready to revolutionize the system. The inauguration has been spun out of control by the media, yet wars around the globe are erupting. I’m afraid that America will remain docile (caught up in the overwhelming feeling of “our first black president” and forget about the true issues that exist. This article expresses many beliefs and truths that I’ve been holding in—mainly because of the general consensus and the “trend” that follows this inauguration and presidency. I hope America wakes up, becomes more active and does not let their “Christ-like” Obama imagery lead the way.


Thank you for this article and for expressing the views of many other Americans who are afraid of America’s rock bottom.


Regine Z.

20 January 2009


* * *

It will be interesting to see how long the Obama cult can hold on in the face of this mess. My neighbor across the street—a dyed in the wool Democrat—tried to begin a conversation with me with the words “Poor Obama.”


Poor Obama? He wanted that job as I recall. Next thing you know, these idiots will be trying to make us sing “Kum Ba Yah” every morning.


Michael H.

Seattle, Washington, USA

20 January 2009


* * *


19 January 2009 was Martin Luther King Day. 20 January 2009, the US inaugurates a new president who happens to be black.


Some people connect the two events. They can’t be serious. 


Even after the “ceasefire,” civilians in Gaza are still being slaughtered and Obama’s silence is deafening. Like McCain, Obama went to AIPAC on bended knees to get their blessing.  It’s an insult to King and his memory to compare the two. 


Obama needs to earn the comparison and he’s far from it right now.




20 January 2009


* * *


Finally, a brilliant article calling it like it is. This is truly the best article I’ve read yet about the signs of our times. If it weren’t so sad, it would actually be funny.


Tova R.

20 January 2009


On “Bush inauguration: corporate America throws a party”


When does the “shock” of Obama’s price tag of his inauguration begin? It is four times as much as Bush’s. Where is the outcry on that much waste?


Steven N.

18 January 2009


* * *

I just happened to come across this article and was wondering if you were going to write one with similar outrage over Obama’s $170 million inauguration paid for by corporate interests.


Rick C.

Melbourne, Florida, USA

19 January 2009


[See —ed.]


On “Who’s who in the Obama cabinet”

The WSWS and Patrick Martin are alerting us to those who must be seen as serving the USA’s forces of reaction, whom Obama has chosen to be key people in his administration. Neither Obama nor his appointees are agents of change. Forget Obama’s calls for change during the two-year-long campaign. Change isn’t on Obama’s agenda. Mr. Martin has alerted us to the specialties of these servants of reaction and reactionaries. 


This is a preview of what we may expect from Obama. WSWS and Mr. Martin have warned us. Please take note of these warnings and be on guard. At least these measures won’t be surprises as Obama et al inflict them upon us. These measures are meant to create discomfort among most, if not all, Americans. The measures will be unpleasant but not unexpected. We can prepare for them. Who knows if our opposition to these measures may prevent these measures from be adopted by Obama as national policy? It is worth a try; isn’t it?




19 January 2009

On “Obama’s team: A right-wing cabinet for a government of big business”

I liked your article and regret having to admit that Obama duped a lot of people, including me. That really makes him worse than even McCain, doesn’t it? After all, McCain didn’t lie to us about what he intended to do if he became president.


Your article mentions that Lieberman is a Democrat. Officially, he’s an independent. And when you say that there is no one in the cabinet who can muster oppositional sentiment, I think you have to mention [Rep. Hilda L.] Solis, as an exception to that. I think she’ll take on the business establishment. But then again, that’s what I thought about Obama.


Jon F.

19 January 2009


* * *


I think Obama and his team can be summarized by the old maxim: “Meet the new boss... same as the old boss.”


Dan P.

19 January 2009