Letters from our readers


On "Australia: Few attend Rudd's much-hyped ‘National Day of Mourning'"

The National Day of Mourning was a farce. Hardly any of the fire-affected victims attended; we were not ready only two weeks after the event. Those of us that remain in the affected communities are still trying to come to terms with the devastation that surrounds us and would prefer to mourn our family and friends in the privacy of our own homes or within our own community. Traveling to Melbourne is the last thing on our minds. In addition, the National Day of Mourning event should have been cancelled, since the official death toll was not known; it still isn't. The day after this very event, the coroner took control of the entire area and ordered that all properties be re-searched for human remains, in light of the fact that there is still a long list of missing people.

Margaret R


2 March 2009

On "New Zealand ‘Jobs Summit' places burden of recession on working people"

It is not only in New Zealand; shifting the burdens of the current economic problems on to the shoulders of the workers has become the practice everywhere worldwide. In India, too, recently while inaugurating the 42nd Indian labour conference, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is holding charge of Finance and also looking after the duties of the Prime Minister at present, told India Inc. "to protect jobs and retain employees, even if it meant a cut in compensation, in view of the impact of the global economic meltdown." The proposal was nothing but an indirect bailout offer at the cost of innocent workers who were no way responsible for the current economic chaos. It was none other than the greedy profit mongers nurtured by globalisation, driven by the free market, who are responsible for the present chaotic economic situation. With that being the case, such a bizarre proposition coming from a minister on an occasion like a labour conference is shocking and deplorable. Robbing innocent poor Peter to pay gluttonous Paul can neither be the mantra for achieving inclusive economic growth, nor can it be called globalisation with a human face.

CT Kumar


3 March 2009

On "The Revolution Betrayed and the fate of the Soviet Union"

A jewel of wisdom for those who have the patience to learn and read. Thanks so much. The WSWS is definitely the definitive source, the hope of the world. Good job comrades!


25 February 2009

On "Obama pledges bigger Wall Street bailout"

I would have liked to have seen you touch on Obama's faulty grasp on political economy. Anyone remotely interested in the science would note that his quote, "You see, the flow of credit is the lifeblood of our economy. The ability to get a loan is how you finance the purchase of everything from a home to a car to a college education..." is fraught with  ambiguities. To get the flow of credit going in your direction one must have a job, as credit is but a claim to future wealth creation; a good steady job is the real lifeblood of our economy. Talk about needing a new paradigm! The "leader" of the free world my eye. 

Comradely regards, 


25 February 2009

On "Obama's housing plan and the American ruling class"

Why is it that no one explains just what the interest system has been in this nation since the 1970's when the usury laws were repealed? Most people don't understand that if they have a 30 year fixed mortgage, they will  pay it three times by that date. Why? Compound daily interest does that. Of course, ARMs are worse. This is the real cause of the mortgage crisis—desperate people trying to have a secure home but never really affording the interest. Add to that, the interest is paid up front with little to the principal. At least in Australia they have now forced the banks to allot payments equally to principal and interest.

Pam C

Colorado, USA

26 February 2009

On "Britain: Fractious leadership contest in Unite union"

Until union members catch on to the brutal truth that labour's struggle is an international struggle, they will be bested by multi-national capitalists.  National unions with the word "international" in their names need to stop beggaring their brothers in other nations with, "Keep British jobs for Britons" campaigns and contracts.

Larry L

1 March 2009