Letters from our readers


On “Obama claims credit for killing Somalis

The chutzpah of a country that has pirated entire countries is placated by the bloodletting of a micro-crew of international thieves. As for Obama, who “made his bones” in the first ten days of his administration with his initial attacks on civilians in Pakistan via predator drone, it’s just another day of thuggery for the empire. The cynicism of this man and his followers is one that will eclipse the nastiness of the Clinton regime. 

Michael H 
Washington, USA 
14 April 2009 


Yes the press and right wing ideologues were pressing for action. However, everything I have read says that Obama gave the orders to fire only if the hostage’s life was in danger. You harm your good work by not sticking to the facts. 

Jonathan L 
14 April 2009 

On “Obama and the pirates: the glorification of state violence

Dear Mr. Van Auken, 

Your Perspective article on the Somali pirates is a true gem. You have shown both the tragedy of the situation in Somalia and the barbarity of the American media masterfully. I must say it is the latter of the two which strikes me most. The bloodthirsty tone of so many of America’s (and Canada’s) important newspapers, which of course reflects the sentiments of the ruling elites, is about like that of Imperial Rome. Certainly it’s no wonder we live in a violent society when important newspapers print such ferocious trash. 

Thankfully there is the WSWS. I know I wouldn’t have found such a thoughtful and evocative article anywhere else. Time and again I have written in to express my appreciation and admiration, express my gratitude to you and all contributors to the World Socialist Web Site. The service you daily render the working class could never be overstated. 

Julian Q 
California, USA 
16 April 2009 

On “US banks step up home foreclosures 

On the ground, the banks in Los Angeles have been handling a large number of delinquent mortgages by putting them into pre-foreclosure but not going to sale. Now that the public treasury will be paying for the securitized losses that devolve from these mortgages, and now that the truly toxic assets can be marked to wishful thinking rather than market, I am confident that the foreclosures can proceed apace, probably selectively. I wish that I had a more precise understanding of the mechanism involved here, but not yet. I suspect that the REO's can now be valued as the banks wish in order not to produce any untoward losses. 

Michael G 
16 April 2009 

On “Mass layoffs threaten New York state and city employees

Ask the governor why the state would think of contracting out the maintenance of I84 to the thruway authority for $11 million a year when it would cost NYDOT  $8 million a year! 

Under Paid Employee 
New York, USA 
16 April 2009 

On “New York police attack protesting New School students 

A small number of students occupy a school building and New York City sends in police troops as though the building were full of escaped bank robbers and murderers? And the city spends a fortune to install surveillance cameras while people are homeless and starving and city and state agencies are laying off people and cutting budgets? This is truly fascistic and bodes ill for the future. The increasing brutality of the police against unarmed protesters is a sign of things to come, in the event that the working class finally wakes up and starts resisting the cruel (and illegal in many cases) policies of the government against citizens. I've got a bad feeling about this. 

California, USA
13 April 2009