Letters from our readers


On “Torture memos reveal brutality of US imperialism

Nothing good can come out of any of it—the torture, Guantánamo, the revealing of classified documents—all these things may result in future American prisoners being tortured by enemies and by our government.

Ben C
Ohio, USA
19 April 2009

On “White House bars prosecution of Bush officials who authorized torture

I am interested in cases of precedence. It was my view, albeit without the benefit of an education in jurisprudence or law, that in English and American law, precedence was one of the foundations of practice. If that were so, wouldn't the deliberate disregarding of applicable law create extremely powerful precedents?

20 April 2009

On “The Aftermath of the December Greek Riots

Thanks so much for this. With its customary amnesia, the world media has attempted to institute “forgetting” about the riots in Greece last year. In the same way, it tries to make the people forget all about what really is happening in the world, if the things that are happening contradict the “official” portrayal of society.

Meanwhile, the world burns, people are shooting each other, the economy implodes and the planet becomes a huge garbage dump of toxic materials and discarded humanity.

California, USA
20 April 2009

On “Obama at the Americas summit: A bid to revive US hegemony

Couldn't agree with you more on the real nature of Obama's trip to the Americas Summit. Without a real policy for improved relations in the Western Hemisphere, the best Obama could do was to remind Latinos of their semi-colonial state, i.e., we build all the advanced technology in the New World while Latin American nations need to be reminded yet again that they are still the same backward, shantytown resource for raw materials.

Of all the holdovers from the “W” administration, you’d think keeping Bush’s speechwriter on is his worst.  Chavez, Lula, and Morales must have been rolling off their seats trying to contain the laughter that Obama’s speech at the conference no doubt invoked.

Obama wasn't even coherent on promising closer relations with Cuba.  That's surprising because he's got nowhere to go but up on re-establishing normal diplomatic relations with “that imprisoned island”—as JFK called it. Of course, Fidel had cut off Jack's supplies of Good Havana cigars and even better Cuban women.  That was back when the US, USSR, and Cuba had nothing better to do than blow up the world.  Way before your time, I must admit.

WSWS is the only reliable Web source on what's really going on in Latin America.  If you keep this up, I might give up using the phrase “Latin America.”  Keep up your great work.

Missouri, USA
19 April 2009