New preview feature on Mehring Books


Two months ago, Mehring Books, the English-language bookseller and publisher associated with the International Committee of the Fourth International, launched a new design of its web site, making its large library of socialist literature more accessible than ever.

Today, Mehring Books announces further improvements to the site, including a Preview feature that makes the text of a number of its titles searchable through Google. By clicking the Google Preview button you can now examine, in selected books, the table of contents and a portion of the text or search for specific words or phrases. In the coming months, we will be expanding the number of titles available for preview.

The Mehring site already features an improved shopping cart and search function. Since the launch of the redesigned web site, Mehring has added a number of significant works by other publishers including: My Life, the autobiography of Leon Trotsky; Socialism, Utopian and Scientific by Frederick Engels; Wage Labor, Capital/Value Price and Profit by Karl Marx, Fundamental Problems of Marxism by George Plekhanov; and many more.

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New titles are regularly added to the site, so be sure to check back often. Comments and suggestions are welcome.