SEP public meeting

Capitalist breakdown and the need for a socialist Europe


Should the future of Europe be left in the hands of the financial aristocracy and its representatives in the European Union bureaucracy and existing European governments, then disaster is inevitable.

It is time for workers to intervene in developments and take the fate of society into their own hands.

This requires the building of a new party:

• a party that openly states that capitalism has failed and must be replaced by a socialist society with democratic control of the economy;

• a party that fights against nationalism and xenophobia and does not permit the ruling classes to plunge Europe into war and dictatorship—as was the case in 1914 and 1939.

Meeting details:

Sunday, June 7, 3:30 p.m.
Main Hall, Friends’ Meeting House
(behind Manchester Central Library)
6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS

Guest speakers:

David North, SEP national chairman, United States
Ulrich Rippert, SEP national secretary, Germany
Chris Marsden, SEP national secretary, UK