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On “The fundamental social division is class, not race or gender

You write, “Any analysis of the political issues facing working people that does not take these class divisions as the fundamental reality is an exercise in deception and political stultification.”

This states it all in a nutshell. The most difficult thing I have found in discussing the current crisis with other working people is to get across to them that they belong to the working class and that it is on this basis that they have to struggle against the forces that are oppressing and disenfranchising them. The majority of these acquaintances of mine consider themselves “left” or “liberal,” but they are immersed in identity politics and view the advancement of a select few—whether they be women, blacks, Hispanics or a combination of these—as tumultuous breakthroughs of minorities into public life. They could not be more wrong.

The belief that the United States is a “classless society” has taken root deep in the psyche of the American electorate. Changing this condition will take all the effort that we and the WSWS can muster in the way of “therapy” to effect a cure.

California, USA
28 May 2009


This is a great article! It articulates precisely what I’ve felt for ages but could never have explained so well. Another gem! As I read the Sotomayor discussions, specifically the arguments from the right, I feel like I’m watching a wrestling match. The entire thing looks totally scripted, and everyone is playing their designated roll.

Mary C
28 May 2009


I really like the article except for some of the words that are used. The word Hispanic that is used to describe Latinos has more to do with people from Spain, than it does with people from Latin America. It would be similar to calling a person born in India British just because India is former colony of Britain.

California, USA
28 May 2009


This article is “right on” target. I forwarded this article to many at KPFK/Pacifica radio. There is a pathological tendency at KPFK to always produce programming that caters to every to nuanced division within society except class.

Jeremy W
28 May 2009

On “New York City demands rent from the homeless

This story about homeless people in NYC being charged rent reminds me of the Australian government’s actions against refugees who had been held in detention and then deported, when the odious John Howard was Prime Minister. Such refugees were often charged with the cost of their upkeep while they were incarcerated—and the cost was often beyond the temporal equivalent of staying in a 4-star hotel.

Anyway, for NYC’s homeless, it’s damned if they do and damned if they don’t: if they stay in the shelters, they get charged rent; if they refuse to go to a shelter, they’ll be arrested, thrown into jail...and some time after their release, they’ll be expected to foot the bill for being in jail. The NYC political leaders would be callous enough to do that!

25 May 2009

On “Iceland: Social democrats and Left Greens finalise coalition agreement


Many thanks for the Iceland article and past articles on other Scandinavian countries.  This is a part of the world that for some time has been getting very little attention in the news.

R. van Wormer
24 May 2009

On “Growing calls for early general election in Britain


Good article. I always wondered at both Blair’s and Brown’s naivety that by schmoozing and brown-nosing to the rich they would somehow win their friendship and loyalty. Now look what’s happened: the remnants of the under-represented white working class are now going to vote for right-wing nationalists! Well done, New Labour.

Philip A
26 May 2009