SEP public meeting in California

For a socialist solution to the economic crisis

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, and the Democratic-controlled state legislature are using the economic crisis gripping the state as an opportunity to gut basic social programs upon which millions of people depend. This offensive against the working class in the state is being carried out with the backing of the Obama administration, which has repeatedly stated its unwillingness to aid the most populous state in the country even as it hands over trillions of dollars to the banks.

The American ruling class is utilizing the deepest slump since the Great Depression to push through a permanent reduction in working-class living standards. It is seeking to eliminate the very idea that government should provide basic social services and at least the modicum of a social safety net.

The current crisis represents the failure of American and world capitalism. The living standards and elementary needs of the vast majority of the people are incompatible with the continuation of a system based on private ownership of the means of production and the subordination of social needs to the accumulation of personal wealth by a financial aristocracy. There is no possibility of the people effecting a change of government policy by electing one or the other party of big business.

The development of mass opposition to these attacks is an urgent necessity. Workers in California must take a determined stand against all cuts and begin organizing now for mass actions, including demonstrations and strikes. New organizations must be set up to unify all sections of the working class in a common struggle against the dictates of the financial elite, linking the crisis in California with the crisis throughout the country and internationally. Above all, a new political perspective is required, based on a socialist program.

At this important public meeting, SEP National Secretary Joe Kishore will speak on the first six months of the Obama administration. John Burton, former SEP candidate for Congress in California’s 29th District, will speak on the budget crisis in California.

Read the statement of the SEP: “Oppose budget cuts in California! Defend jobs and education! Unite workers behind a socialist program!”

Meeting details:

Saturday, August 1 • 2pm-5pm
Library Community Room
South Pasadena Public Library
1151 El Centro St.
South Pasadena, CA