Letters from our readers


On “Obama’s war

Soviet generals were also running up and down the halls of the Kremlin in the early 1990s screaming, “We cannot just pull out!” We all know how that story ended. It is just a matter of time until the giant leech that is Afghanistan sucks the life blood out of the United States and brings about radical political changes (not simply change we can believe in).

How sad that even an 8-year-old can see this happening, but once people step through the looking glass into the center of Washington DC their vision is impaired. Obama will use the Afghanistan war as his excuse to lift not one finger to help the working people who elected him.  He’s got his alibi all ready to go.

17 July 2009

On “Obama’s speech to the NAACP 


I agree completely with this article. It is shocking that his speech was cheered and not booed. At least he put it on the record that he is no FDR.

Holland M
18 July 2009


The final point in this article is the most important: The issue is class, not race. Does anyone really think that the rich care what color cheap labor is? Much has changed since the “Reagan Revolution”, which continues unabated today, and race is used as a wedge, keeping low-to-moderate income people divided. Can you imagine the potential power of a population that realized that the issue actually is class, not race? That the non-rich—regardless of color—are being grotesquely exploited by a handful of rich and powerful people? That we’ve been duped into thinking that race is the central issue? Imagine what could happen if We the Ordinary realized that we have reason to unite and put an end to the theft of our economy/wealth by the few.

It’s a dangerous thought, so best to keep promoting animosity. Tell the working class that the poor are living comfortably off of the “hard earned money” of “hard working Americans.”  Ignore the fact that they are being most royally screwed by those in power. Insist that people are poor because they are lazy trash, and not because taxpayers have been covering the corporate costs of moving our jobs to foreign nations, driving down US wages, etc. Keep workers desperate so that they’ll stop demanding workers’ protections and a living wage. Tell the white that the blacks have unique advantages, while telling the black that the whites have unique advantages. Keep the people divided! Divide and conquer!

19 July 2009


The Civil Rights movement is dead. The movement has been gutted like trout. It’s a shame and disgrace before God what these mean spirited hypocrites have passed down to Black people. The crack-cocaine epidemic has destroyed the Black community. The economic crisis is annihilating the Black community. The Black community has no voice. The criminal system is creating criminals, so white people can have jobs. Obama seems to be out of touch with the truth that pertains to the Black experience in America. I never put my hope in the hands of a mere mortal man. He may turn out to be just like the rest of them, a “F” hypocrite.  

Down with capitalism; it only creates fools!

Illinois, USA 18 July 2009

On “Britain: Doctors demand inquest into death of Dr. David Kelly

Finally we will get some public answers on this. I think anyone with any brains who watched the Bush-Blair charade knows what happened here. If Blair becomes the head of the EU it will be a sad day for the world. He patronized and pretended so blatantly that he was hard to watch. Please keep us informed about poor Dr. Kelly. And thank you so much for keeping this in the media.

Dawn D
18 July 2009

On “US health care legislation to leave millions uninsured, ration care

Regarding the article on Obama’s health care reform, I think you might want to point out that the present cost of health care in this country is very disproportionate to what the care should cost.  Having recently been reminded of what hospitals and doctors charge an 88-year-old Medicare recipient for two days in the hospital, doing nothing but administering a morphine drip, at the cost of over $8,000, I think that the cuts to Medicare and Medicaid are appropriate. If folks weren’t charged these outrageous prices, cuts to that system alone would be able to partially pay for the national health care reform measures.

I’m kind of surprised that the WSWS would be against the reform that Obama is suggesting.  This is a first step to a one-pay system, which from a socialist point of view should be the way to go. How strange you think that Obama is siding with the big corporations in health care. It’s just the opposite. He’s trying to impose limits so that health care costs what it should cost. It seems to me that you are pushing the same propaganda that those very corporations are using to try and scare the American public into thinking that they are the losers in all of this. Shame on you.

I am willing to give Obama’s plan a try. It certainly can’t be any worse than it is now. If you’ve got a better idea than Obama’s, why don’t you explain it to us.

Janette M
18 July 2009

On “A desperate attempt at reassurance

This article is spell binding, it goes to the heart of the truth, and exposes Zakaria’s theory as irrelevant, and without foundation.

This writer is a very intelligent person, and his rationale details the problems, and resolve of the problems that clearly demonstrates that the USA is on its way out due to greed, lies, and human rights violations.

I have believed for more than one year that the US Dollar will fall, and be replaced by another currency.


Paul W
19 July 2009