Letters from our readers


On “Gurrumul: an evocative and unique musical contribution” 

Checked out the youtube link. Wow—beautiful, unbelievable, stunning. Thank you for making me aware of him. Words can't describe.

Rob M

7 August 2009

On “Mounting popular opposition to the war in Afghanistan” 

In a recent collection of scholarly articles gathered together in a book entitled The Hidden History of 9-11, one of the authors praised the WSWS as being the only “left” publication that questioned the official story of the attacks.

I think every WSWS article that broaches the topic of 9/11 should be careful not to lapse back into making statements like the following in this otherwise well written perspective: “In fact, the US-led invasion was the implementation of pre-existing plans to establish American hegemony over Afghanistan, for which 9/11 served as a convenient pretext.”

This statement neither supports the official government story nor questions it. But its neutrality is troubling. The WSWS should make no bones about it: the official story of 9/11 is a flat out lie. Every article that discusses 9/11 and brings up the attacks should in the briefest terms make this point clear and unambiguous.

All the Best!

Robert C

New Jersey, USA

7 August 2009

On “Parliamentary committee for inquiry into British complicity in torture” 

Please do not forget to include the entire Bush & Obama gangs of War Criminals for the torture and murder of 1.5 million Iraqi civilians. The world should arrest and prosecute all these war criminals in the ICC, in The Hague or the Nuremburg Tribunals!

Paolo W

8 August 2009

On “China’s dubious statistics cover up economic crisis” 

I thought that the American stock market had been a “giant Ponzi scheme” since the dot.com bubble, if not before. Huge amounts of paper claims are manufactured in the USA. Foreign capital flows into the paper, balancing trade. A short time later the market value of the paper becomes zero. Now, apparently Chinese capital has adopted the scheme for domestic purposes. Paper lanterns leading the way to a spectacular collapse. As for other countries, since they have all reduced economics to a state of mind (confidence) the temptation to fiddle with figures becomes overwhelming. A good set of figures encourages confidence. The rest will soon be history.



9 August 2009

On “The Hurt Locker: Part of a deplorable trend” 

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that the Iraq War is not Bush's War or Obama's War, but a war for profits. The F-22 vote is a clear indicator that manufacturing jobs in the USA are behind this war. Televisions, radios, lawn furniture, and countless other everyday products are no longer being made here, and the reliance on chemical weapons, troop carriers, spy planes, and crypto gear seems to drive all of our elected officials' decisions. Even a few hundred miles of beach in Cuba and the lost profits from them were enough to embargo a country for decades. There is no end to the mischief that profit can produce. Obama and Bush were doing as they were told, and this war will escalate until every last drop of profit is either squeezed out or given up on. No small task, that.


9 August 2009


There's something positively uncanny about the info you provide in your review of the new Bigelow film, Joanne. I'm thinking in particular of the comment by critics that the film "suppresses the politics of war" and your excellent denunciation of the clear political implications of this.

"Uncanny", because this "apolitical" remark repeats in a most revealing fashion the dominant attitudes at work since the Obama election and your ceaseless criticisms of them. As you quite rightly state, "liberals" are lining up unconditionally behind contemporary acts of aggression and their neo-con supporters.

"Uncanny", too, because this repeats in the most sinister fashion the failure of "liberals" during the Cold War period to defend genuinely liberal values and to adopt instead the values of the witch hunters. The end results have just been made clear, yet again, by David Walsh in his recent article on the scoundrel Schulberg.

History repeating itself...

Carry on the good work.

Reynold H

9 August 2009