Letters from our readers


On “The political lessons of the Detroit mayoral elections 

I just want to congratulate you on the election results, where Mr. D’Artagnan Collier got roughly 1.4 percent of all votes. It sounds not very much, but for such a capitalistic country like the USA, it is very remarkable. Actually I’m very happy that there is an alternative movement in the USA, which is able to name the real problems of our time. Usually, the USA is not known for good news. But this election was clearly a good one.

Best Greetings & wishes for success from Europe!


11 August 2009

On “What is behind the opposition to the Obama healthcare plan?

Actually, a public national healthcare system could easily be constructed by expanding Medicare or Medicaid coverage to the 50 million or so citizens without coverage. After that expansion, the program could be further expanded to include those without adequate coverage; the definition for the meaning of the term “adequate coverage” would, of course, be up for political debate.

The expansion of the above programs would be hard to negatively criticize because many citizens use these services, and they are happy with them. They certainly don’t choose a private healthcare option when access to these programs is available.

The problem with this political program is that it would either circumvent one of the economic oligarchies that presently control access to healthcare, or this program would eat into their profit margins.

Frank B

Florida, USA 12 August 2009


This entire healthcare scam of Obama’s is the result of his lying about everything since the day he took office. He believes he is king with impunity on all Bush Policies of War Crimes, stimulus bank bailouts of his buddies, his corporate elite bailout while he is using trillions of taxpayer dollars, and lying about everything, He has no credibility. Finally the people realize what a liar, and friend to big business means! Screw the little guy!

Paul W

12 August 2009

On “The Google Book Search copyright settlement and the future of information

To get a good digital copy (pdf) of “1984” go to Planet ebook. There’s an Australian edition that is out of copyright there.

Rob M

12 August 2009

On “SPD leader presents ‘Germany Plan’ 

The SPD intend to solve the problem of raw materials for German capitalism in the same way as the current coalition government. Through flows of gas, oil, etc., from Russia. As to the complete surrender of the SPD to capitalist ideology, this is an inevitable consequence of 30 years of political capitulation. In Britain, the collapse of the Labour Party has been even more spectacular. The process of capitulation is identical. It must strike many people as extraordinary that as the crisis in capitalist reproduction has spread, it has welded the reformist left ever more closely to this crackpot system of social production. Timidity meets insanity in a dialectically determined political collapse. Good riddance to both parties.



12 August 2009