SEP (Germany) appeals for international support for its election campaign


The German section of the International Committee of the Fourth International, the Socialist Equality Party (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit—PSG), has undertaken a new stage in its campaign for the September 27 national elections by translating our election television spot into English and our election program into English, French and Turkish. We invite World Socialist Web Site readers all over the world to actively support our campaign online.

The PSG is running its own candidates for the federal election in order to encourage discussion on an international socialist perspective. Ours is the only party that seriously addresses the extent and consequences of the global economic crisis in order to prepare workers for the coming social struggles.

The PSG’s four candidates—Ulrich Rippert (58) and Fabian Reymann (29) in Berlin; Elisabeth Zimmermann (52) and Dietmar Geisenkersting (42) in North Rhine-Westphalia—are all members of the PSG executive committee.

The PSG calls for the nationalisation of the major banks and corporations together with the provision of a basic income for all and a comprehensive program of public works to provide jobs. All of these demands and the defence of even the most basic rights can be achieved only on the basis of an international socialist perspective.

A central axis of the election campaign of the PSG is the defence of jobs at General Motors (GM) and Opel. We reject all attempts by the trade union bureaucracy to play workers at one factory against those at another, and align workers of different countries with their “own” national ruling elite and government. The PSG calls for the international unification of all GM workers to defend all jobs worldwide.

The PSG is placing hundreds of placards featuring our demands in public places. The party is also distributing thousands of leaflets and holding election meetings in a series of German cities.

Compared to all the other parties, which defend capitalism, the PSG has limited resources. That makes our online election campaign all the more important.

“While we represent the most powerful of perspectives, the PSG is limited in our ability to propagate our campaign in the official media and the public sphere,” declared the head of the PSG election campaign, Ludwig Weller. “The democratic structure of the Internet enables us, however, to compensate for the disadvantages we have compared to other parties and make our program available for discussion. This is possible only with the support of our readers.”

Those readers not resident in Germany can support the PSG campaign online. 

You can:

Rate our election video spot on Youtube and pass on the address to friends, relatives and work mates.

Become a member of our group on Facebook and Myspace.

Distribute this page and our election manifesto in forums and blogs.