Public Meeting in Richmond Virginia

Obama: The Class Issues

Millions of people all over the world gave their support to Barack Obama because they saw in him a means to oppose the Bush Administration’s policies. But those who supported him now find that Obama is not only continuing, but intensifying, the very programs that made George Bush so hated.

In the period since Obama has taken office, he has:

• Given trillions more dollars to the banks.
• Refused to assist states facing budget crises, instead demanding spending cuts that have meant an attack on workers’ wages, tuition hikes at universities, and cutbacks of basic social services.
• Intensified the war in Afghanistan and started a new conflict in Pakistan. The criminal occupation of Iraq continues. In 2009, military spending reached $640 billion.
• Continued the policy of torture and domestic spying, while refusing to hold accountable in any way those who initiated these anti-democratic measures.
• Overseen the bankruptcy of the American auto industry, with the explicit aim of cutting workers’ wages and benefits.

These actions demonstrate that nothing can be changed so long as people remain tied to the established parties. Students and workers need their own party that represents their own interests: this is what the International Students for Social Equality fights to build.

Join us for a public meeting to discuss the historical origins of the Obama administration’s policies, as well as the perspective by which workers and students can oppose them.


October 7, 6PM

Building: VCU Student Commons
907 Floyd Ave
Room: Richmond Salon IV
Richmond, VA 23220