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On “Cheats and Deceivers



Absolutely one of the best articles I have read in quite a while. Totally applies principles of logic to a deceptive game played by both the West and Iran. This article should be a must read for everyone serious about International Socialism and understanding the political deception and manipulation that continues to keep the global working class divided and at war, rather than united in revolution.

Countries of the world, unite! Workers of the world, unite!

California, USA
30 September 2009

* * *

In his article “Cheats and Deceivers,” Bill Van Auken failed to mention one of the real reasons for the war against Iraq and the drive to war against Iran, which is the much under-publicized fact that Iran has shifted from using the US petrodollar to the euro.

Bridget D
30 September 2009

* * *

This is a precise and brilliant article, not only revealing the limitless cynical hypocrisy of Mr. Obama, the front man for the “military-industrial complex” (and of finance capital and the four mega-banks), but as the WSWS has done so consistently, exposing the class character of the “right-wing, pro-imperialist Iranian opposition,” which the numerous middle-class Pabloite and opportunist “radical” groups and left liberal groups have lined up behind, fronting for Mr. “change we can believe in” against the independent interests of the world working people in the struggle for socialism.

There is most definitely a logic to politics!


Chris R
New Zealand
30 September 2009

* * *

What’s to be done?

I have two conclusions. The first is that those in the Zionist ‘camp’ have a lock on promoting war and protection and censorship of anything negative about Israel. I do not see any political entity as dedicated and virulent to its cause, or the cause contrary. For example, when I see the American Friends Service (Quakers) accused of anti-Semitism, I say, “Too far. No to this way to intimidate and block criticism.”

The second conclusion is in line with what the WSWS continues to present.

But how to activate? Here, too, I see two obvious elements at work. I see a tilt, a hold on the “peace” movement to not engage, and I wonder if that comes from Zionist influences; that is, there is an initiative not to participate, not lend support, not stand up to the so obvious forces which promote these wars, to the entities which have the most to gain. Granted and credit to those people of all religions and creeds who are contributing to putting a check on the warmongering.

The second is the lack of ability to influence. Those in government act as they wish, almost a silent echo of Bush’s infamous declaration of his having won “political capital” and a “mandate.” So many people to whom I casually pass a comment about this drum beat for war reply with a shrug and, “What can yuh do?”

Thanks for your editorial. I always look to see if you’ve put an article together or put forth an editorial.

Michael S
California, USA
30 September 2009

On “Germany: Incoming government prepares attacks on working class

It’s astonishing how similar political events in Germany are to processes all over the world under the hammer blows of the economic crisis. I live in the province of Ontario in Canada where great hopes were placed in our own social democrats, the NDP, when they were elected in the early nineties to govern what was then Canada’s wealthiest province. Great hopes were placed in Bob Rae, especially because both federally and provincially the NDP, usually in coalition with other parties, was known to champion generous social programs, in this instance promising to socialize auto insurance.

As luck and objective economic forces would have it, Bob Rae’s government is remembered by working people as a time of severe cutbacks and a version of the Hartz IV measures in what was labour extorted without compensation, the Rae Days of evil memory. Of course, support on the left collapsed and the right gathered in maddened hordes behind the extreme Conservative Mike Harris whose so-called Common Sense Revolution knocked out, one by one, the pillars of a generous welfare state his own party established in better days. As in Germany, why use the butcher when you can have the butcher’s butcher?

Incidentally, Bob Rae is a leading Liberal in Ottawa’s parliament, having competed a stint in a law firm tied to the Conservative party. I commend your principled defense of a program for these hard times. You can’t tell the players without a program.

Ontario, Canada
30 September 2009

On “‘Law & Order’ episode makes case for prosecution of Bush administration torturers

I find it humorous that some people still think that the Obama administration might indict members of the Bush administration for war crimes—while the Obama administration continues to commit the same crimes: The illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations; the unlawful detention of “enemy combatants” (or whatever the Obama administration calls these people now); etc.

Lloyd G
South Dakota, USA
2 October 2009

On “Polarization and protest

I fervently hope, David, that you will find the time to excoriate AntiChrist, one of the most truly execrable and obscurantist movies ever made. Its sheer awfulness goes far beyond what anyone could legitimately fear from a director who converted to Catholicism and sinks to new depths of inanity and uselessness. The scene where a dying animal raises its head and croaks “Chaos reigns” has to be seen to be believed, although this could be said of the entire film.


Reynold H
Paris, France
30 September 2009

On “Britain: The denouement looms for Labour

The state of the Labour Party and moreover British politics in general is shambolic. Labour’s shift to the right in the mid-90s was laughable. The 1997 general election was being handed to them on a silver plate, and yet this move to the right of the political spectrum was made. The last 12 years of this government have made my head dizzy, and the prospect of another four to five years of it is perplexing. Foreign policy is a continuation of domestic policy, and the Labour party under Blair and now Brown has made this transparent. British politics bares the mane of the bourgeois beast and only the scissors of the socialist revolution can cut it away!


Derek R
3 October 2009