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Dear WSWS Reader,

I am writing to ask you to financially support the World Socialist Web Site at this critical time.

As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, the world is entering a new period of political and social upheaval. The scourges of the 20th century—imperialist war and colonialism, repression, economic crisis, mass unemployment and poverty—are returning with redoubled force.

The experience of the first year of the Obama administration has been an important one, and not just for the American people. The actions of the candidate of “change” have only served to prove that there will be no positive change within the framework of the capitalist system.

With his belligerent Nobel Peace Prize speech, Obama outlined a policy of unrestrained militarism and aggression. In defiance of public opinion throughout the world, the US president, in collusion with the European powers, is carrying out a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Under Obama no less than Bush, American imperialism holds out the prospect of barbarism and war.

In its domestic policy, the US has led the way in bailing out the banks with trillions of dollars. The working class is being forced to pay for the rescue of the financial aristocracy, through the destruction of jobs, the driving down of wages, the elimination of social programs. Health care in the US is on the chopping block, and Obama is planning to make 2010 a year of fiscal austerity. The same policies are being carried out in every country.

In making a donation to the WSWS, you are helping provide a direction to millions of people internationally as they enter into social and political struggle. The WSWS is the only organ of uncompromising opposition to imperialism and war. It is the only source for daily news and analysis from a Marxist standpoint. It provides critical commentary on historical, cultural, philosophical and scientific questions. It tells the truth.

By supporting the WSWS, you are helping to support a voice of unwavering opposition to the capitalist parties and the corporate-controlled mass media, as well as their apologists within the upper-middle class opportunist milieu falsely described as “left.”

The WSWS depends on your support. It is not a commercial web site. It runs no advertisements. Our audience, constituency, and base of support is the international working class.

The WSWS must grow. This is not an option, but an objective necessity, which we are confident we will achieve. New features such as the leaflet function and the mobile version are critical in making the WSWS as broadly accessible as possible. The redesign, launched just over a year ago, was only a first step.

We seek to provide more coverage of social and political struggles in every country. We intend to introduce new languages. We plan to expand the use of video and other media. We aim to publish more printed material alongside the web site. We will expand the organization of conferences and meetings throughout the world in order to rebuild the international workers’ movement on socialist foundations.

These ambitious plans require additional resources. Please donate generously today. Set up a subscription to help us meet our monthly budget. Regular donations are particularly important.

In addition to financial contributions, you can help build the WSWS in other ways. Forward our articles to friends and coworkers. Print out and distribute our material, using the new leaflet function. Repost our articles. Get friends to sign up for the daily newsletter. Contact us today to find out more.

Thank you,

Joe Kishore

SEP (US) National Secretary


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