World Socialist Web Site announces launch of new perspectives journal

PerspectivesThe World Socialist Web Site and Mehring Books are launching today an important new publication—WSWS Perspectives. The monthly journal contains all the perspectives articles published on the WSWS.

WSWS perspectives articles analyze and comment upon the most important political events, economic developments, and cultural questions facing the international working class. Through these commentaries, the WSWS elaborates a socialist response to the crisis of world capitalism.

The journal will be an invaluable resource for both new and longtime readers of the WSWS. We also encourage our readers to purchase copies for family members, friends and co-workers as a way to introduce them to the analysis of the World Socialist Web Site.

WSWS Perspectives includes both a date-ordered table of contents and a subject index, to allow readers to quickly find material on particular themes or in response to particular events. Over the course of the coming year, Mehring Books will be issuing back copies of WSWS Perspectives going back to the redesign of the WSWS in October 2008.

Visit Mehring Books to order your copy or sign up for a year-long subscription. To purchase a single issue, click here. For a subscription, click here.

The sale price for individual issues and subscriptions is listed below. All prices are given in $US. Prices vary by location and include all shipping costs.

United States

1. Single issue: $10

2. Year-long subscription rate (12 issues): $85


1. Single issue: $10.50

2. Year-long subscription rate: $88

Great Britain, Europe, Latin America, and Asia

1. Single issue: $14.50

2. Year-long subscription rate: $122


1. Single issue: $11

2. Year-long subscription rate: $92


1. Single issue: $12.50

2. Year-long subscription rate: $105