New sale bundles available at Mehring Books!

Save up to 32 percent

Mehring Books is offering three additional sale bundles to mark the launching of its new web site in January 2010. The bundles are designed to offer readers a selection of titles on related themes at a substantial savings.

If you buy two or more bundles, you will receive free shipping within the US. The sale only runs until February 1, so do not wait to take advantage of these special offers.

The recently released sale bundles are:

Art, Culture and Opposition $27 (save 32 percent):

o Art as the Cognition of Life by Aleksandr K. Voronsky
o Class and Art by Leon Trotsky
o The Aesthetic Component of Socialism by David Walsh
o The Platform of the Joint Opposition
o Radio, Science, Technique, and Society by Leon Trotsky

“A protest against reality, either conscious or unconscious, active or passive, optimistic or pessimistic, always forms part of a really creative piece of work,” wrote Leon Trotsky in 1938. This bundle contains a selection of works that examine the relationship between art, culture, and politics over different historical periods. Two works in particular focus on the struggle of the Left Opposition against the Stalinization of politics and cultural life in the Soviet Union during the 1920s and 1930s.

Socialist Starter Bundle $20 (save 20 percent)

o Capital Vol. 1 Ch. 1 by Karl Marx
o Imperialism by V.I. Lenin
o The Transitional Program: The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International by Leon Trotsky
o In Defense of the Russian Revolution by David North
o The Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party by the SEP

This bundle contains a number of contemporary and classical Marxist works perfect for someone who is new to socialist ideas or someone who wants to develop their library of essential Marxist literature.

Trotsky Bundle No. 3 $15 (save 32 percent)

o Europe and America
o Marxism and the Trade Unions

This bundle contains a selection of works by Leon Trotsky on a diverse array of subjects. It is an excellent way to become familiar with the range of themes that Trotsky wrote about during different periods of his life and to add diversity to one’s library of Marxist literature.