Mehring Books promotional sale ends Monday

Last chance to buy books at up to 50 percent off

On Monday, Mehring Books will be ending its promotional sale marking the launching of its new web site.


Customers can take advantage of reduced prices on individual titles and savings on sale bundles until 12:01am on February 1. Also, free shipping is available for orders shipped within the US, with the purchase of two or more sale bundles.

Do not miss this last chance to buy books at up to 50 percent off the regular list price. Sale items are listed below. Click on the links to find out more about individual titles and the contents of each sale bundle.

Individual Titles on Sale

Art as the Cognition of Life, $19.95 (save $10)*
Back in Time: My Life, My Fate, My Epoch, $14.95 (save $6)
The Crisis of American Democracy, $11.95 (save $3)
The Gelfand Case, Two Volume Set, $15.00 (save $9)
Gramsci and Trotsky in the Shadow of Stalinism, $34.95 (save $5)
The Red Book by Leon Sedov, $9.95 (save $5)
The Revolution Betrayed, $14.95 (save $6)
The Stalin School of Falsification, $9.95 (save $9)
1937: Stalin’s Year of Terror, $19.95 (save $5)
Stalin’s Terror of 1937-1937: Political Genocide in the USSR, $19.95 (save $5)

*See: David Walsh: Reading Voronsky on art today is to breathe fresh air

Book Bundles on Sale

Against Historical Falsification, $15.00 (save $6)
American Imperialism, $25.00 (save $17)
Art, Culture, & Opposition, $27.00 (save $14)
The Collapse of Stalinism, $30.00 (save $22)
The Life & Work of Vadim Rogovin, $40.00 (save $25)
Marxist Economics, $15.00 (save $2)
Selected Works of Trotsky #1, $30.00 (save $17)
Selected Works of Trotsky #3, $15.00 (save $10)
Socialist Started Bundle, $20.00 (save $10)
Stalin’s Terror, $60.00 (save $40)