The Crisis in American Filmmaking and Cultural Life 

WSWS Arts Editor David Walsh to speak at New York public meeting

How have writers and directors in the US, and artists more generally, responded to the events of the first decade of the 21st century—the Bush years, 9/11, the military invasions and neo-colonial wars, the growth in social inequality, the malignant crisis of American society?


The better films and novels of the decade strove to achieve a certain realism about life in the US, but even in such cases, many lacked broader insight into the nature of society and its evolution. What are the roots of the problems? What are the prospects for a change?

David Walsh, arts editor of the World Socialist Web Site, will address these questions and some of the more challenging issues involved in the emergence of more critical, socialist minded art work.


Sunday, February 21 3:00 p.m.
Roosevelt Hotel Sutton Suite 45
East 45th Street (near Madison Avenue)
New York, NY