Letters from our readers

On “Obama opens US coastlines for oil drilling



I am furious with Obama! I am a public school teacher, an environmentalist, and someone with a social conscience. I feel completely betrayed by this president, whom I unfortunately voted for! I want to help stop his right-wing, Republican agenda from destroying the fabric of our country. If these policies don’t stop, there’ll be no choice for millions of struggling Americans but to flee to other countries, most of whom will probably seal the gates against so many economic refugees. So sad...

Michelle L
New York, USA
1 April 2010

On “Socialist Party leaders call for austerity policies


Manuel Valls is indeed a little swine of the Blairite persuasion, but he is not alone. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF and current favourite to dethrone Sarkozy, has long dreamed of transforming France along the lines of Blair’s "New Labour”.


The call by Valls “to allow every person to become what he is”, leaving aside its tautological idiocy, is also part and parcel of neoliberal ideology, keen on suppressing real differences (especially in the fields of class, race and sex) in favour of an imaginary homogeneous and ahistorical community. It is also the clarion call adopted by recent publicity for the French Armed Forces where “becoming what you are” is shown as waging war in foreign parts (obviously the Middle East or Afghanistan) and getting the sexual favours of young ladies when off duty.


The new myth, encouraged by people like Valls, is that increased longevity calls logically for an extended working life, despite the clear political and economic logic underpinning this new attack on citizens and their right to leisure and rest.


Reynold H
2 April 2010

On “Is a US attack on Iran imminent?


A little geography lesson on Iran would reveal that it is seven times the size of Colorado with a population three times that of California. This would be no small task for a military that is completely over-taxed, demoralized, and at their economic limit. If I were the leadership in Iran I might be inclined to mutter the words, “Bring em on!”


20 March 2010


An attack on the Russian built reactor in Iran would be pointless. The supposed aim of an Israeli/US attack is to destroy Iran’s ability to refine Uranium. There is no practical possibility of this. Refining Uranium is now an indigenous technology. Preventing its application would therefore require either:

(1) Carpet bombing of Iran until the Iranian government surrendered.


(2) First, massive conventional bombing, followed by an American invasion.


(3) The use of nuclear weapons on Iran to enforce the surrender.

Now (2) is ruled out by the American elites, and (1) failed to force either the German government to surrender during the Second World War or the government of North Vietnam to surrender during the Vietnam war. So that leaves (3).

But (3) is an international declaration that US/Israel have become rabid military states that pose a threat to the rest of the world. So the nuclear weapons the American/Israeli Axis uses will be the first but not the last used. The war gamers can play in the Pentagon all they want. Suicide, however, is not an attractive foreign policy.


30 March 2010

On “Australia: Media demands stricter health care ‘rationing’


I can’t believe the myopic, microscopic view taken by these people. Surely when discussing health, the overall health of the Australian (or even global?) community must be considered and the total cost of maintaining as high a standard as possible for this community with the joint objectives of high productivity and high happiness index. For me, this means broad strategies for delivery of prevention and recovery, with maximum efficiency through national research and bulk strategic purchasing. High efficiency means purchasing goods and services at the right price and applying these when and where needed. To me this means reducing market inefficiencies, where funds are diverted to private profits and unsustainable payments for services and salaries. Study Cuba, which seems to have a functionally and economically very effective system and provides services for others as well as themselves.

David B

On the WSWS

This kinder gentler capitalism we are currently being forced to suffer through is disgusting. It is difficult to convince my fellow citizens that the “change” and “hope” in which we are led to believe is nothing more than another game. It is, however, nice to know that others (such as yourselves) understand the essence of the problem.

Thank you.


Rob V
Georgia, USA