Letters from our readers

On “Manchester Central: A picture of poverty and social deprivation


My heart wept when I read this article and looked at the photos. I lived in Manchester for a total of 15 years, regard it as my real home, and used to reside within walking distance of Hulme and Moss Side. Those photos drew an immediate resonance from me, since the deterioration began when I first lived there. Although I left in 1984, I have returned often to visit friends and noted the continuing decline in that area as opposed to the affluence in other parts of Manchester. So I can verify the fact that there is no exaggeration in this article. However, I wish Robert every success in his election bid, especially against a Labour-controlled Council and political establishment that has done nothing to help the most needy members of Manchester. When I lived there, I appreciated the resilience and vigor of a positive cultural and ethically mixed working-class population determined to survive adverse conditions. I wish to offer every success to the SEP candidates in the UK who are trying to bring about the necessary reversal in appalling conditions the less affluent people of Manchester face every day.


Tony W
14 April 2010


Just like to wish you all the best in Oxford and Manchester.


Rich K
14 April 2010


On “Families begin to bury 29 killed in West Virginia explosion


Companies and especially the executives should be held accountable. They should pay millions for each and every death. They should subsidize the town and stop working until they can meet codes. No more fines; no more excuses! It’s unforgiveable!


Carolyn C
California, USA
16 April 2010


On “Report cites staggering level of US maternal mortality


There are a number of lessons to be learned from this shocking information. Two come to mind immediately, one concerning the US, the other Europe.


First, the US: Will Sarah Palin be encouraged by this report to take up the cudgels in favour of the victims in the name of “the right to life”? Second, Europe: Is it not revealing, given ongoing events, that the European country which emerges most favourably in comparison to the US is—Greece?


Something for Americans and Europeans to mull over.



Reynold H
Paris, France
14 April 2010

On “US Fed chief demands austerity plan


You mention nothing about cutting the bloated pig of the US military establishment. This is where the austerity needs to begin.


Dominic J
15 April 2010

On “The second stage of the global capitalist crisis


Hear, hear! A succinct and clarifying summation of the present objective conditions.


Jeremy S
Alabama, USA
15 April 2010