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The latest edition of Perspectives, a journal of the World Socialist Web Site, is now available from Mehring Books.


This month features commentary on the growing threat of war, as economic tensions between the United States and China, as well as America’s rivals in Europe, increase. The looming possibility of an attack on Iran and its broader implications are also analyzed.

A series of articles address the question of war crimes. Israel’s assassinations in Dubai, Great Britain’s Chilcot Inquiry, China’s human rights report on the US, and the significance of the recent conviction of the ex-Nazi Heinrich Boere, are all considered in terms of what they reveal about the crisis of bourgeois democracy.

In addition, readers will also find continuing coverage of the world economic crisis and labor struggles in Greece and elsewhere. Articles include a critical appraisal of the role being played in these events by the trade unions.

The real nature of the Obama administration’s health care “reform” is addressed in a number of commentaries. These seek to explain the relationship between the recently enacted health care legislation and the escalating assault on workers’ living standards in the US.

The political significance of the Citizens Inquiry into the Dexter Avenue Fire is also a theme in this month’s Perspectives. The inquiry, which has exposed the conditions and policies that lead to utility shutoffs and fire deaths, is part of a broader struggle to development a social movement in opposition to the profit system.

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