David North to speak on May 5 at the University of Oxford

Political Biography and the Historical Lie: An Examination of Robert Service’s Trotsky

The Socialist Equality Party (Britain) and the International Students for Social Equality are hosting a public lecture at the University of Oxford.

The lecture will be delivered by David North, international editorial board chairperson of the World Socialist Web Site, a leading figure in the Fourth International for nearly four decades, and the author of numerous works on socialist history and politics. North will examine Professor Service’s recently published biography as a symptomatic expression of the relation between the prevailing atmosphere of political reaction and the intellectual crisis affecting the historiography of the Russian Revolution and the life of Leon Trotsky.

Wednesday, May 5, 7:00 p.m.

Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre
Bernard Sunley Building
St. Catherine’s College,
Manor Rd., Oxford OX1 3UJ

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