Mehring Books announces spring sale

Many discounted bundles and titles to choose from

Due to overwhelming demand, Mehring Books is extending its spring sale until May 31. Act now while supplies last!

Mehring Books is pleased to announce its Spring sale. From now until May 31, Mehring is offering a series of bundles on particular themes that contain selections of books and pamphlets at a deeply discounted rate. In addition, numerous individual titles are also on sale.

See below for a complete list of Mehring’s spring book bundles and other sale items.

The Socialist Starter Bundle is designed for those who are new to Marxism and are looking for a set of writings that will introduce them to the basic concepts and ideas of socialism. It is also a good choice for those who want to add classic works of Marxism to their library. The bundle contains all of the following titles:

Price: $15.00

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The Economics Bundle contains selections from both classical and contemporary Marxist literature. These works examine the historical origins and nature of capitalism, as well as its development over the course of the 20th Century. They are essential reading for anyone wanting to know and understand more about what is driving the current economic crisis. The titles included in the bundle are:

Price: $17.50

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The Trotsky Bundle is a good way to become familiar with the rich political legacy of Leon Trotsky. It includes a varied selection of Trotsky’s most important writings and two works by World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board Chairman David North, in which he critiques a number of recent biographies of Trotsky by British historians. This bundle contains all of the following titles:

Price: $35.00

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The Stalin’s Terror Bundle includes writings by Russian Marxist historian Vadim Rogovin, who demonstrates that the purges of 1937-1938 were aimed at exterminating all those who had any connection to the socialist traditions of the 1917 Revolution. Rogovin insists that there existed a viable political alternative to Stalinism in the program advanced by Leon Trotsky and the Left Opposition. The bundle also includes the moving memoirs of Nadezhda Joffe, a member of the Left Opposition who survived the Stalinist repression, as well as a tribute written to Vadim Rogovin by David North. The titles included are:

Price: $30.00

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The Socialist Equality Party Bundle provides an introduction to the history of the Socialist Equality Party and its predecessor, the Workers League. It reviews the strategic experiences through which the SEP and the international Trotskyist movement have passed over the course of the 20th Century. The selections explain the SEP’s perspective in terms of both the struggles of the working class and objective developments in the world economy. This bundle, which contains material spanning from 1988-2010, includes the following titles:

Price: $25.00

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The Social Crisis and Labor Struggles Bundle features several titles that examine the economic and social conditions faced by different sections of the working class in the United States and other parts of the world. In this bundle readers will find a collection of pamphlets that expose the situation confronted by miners in West Virginia, factory workers in Thailand, victims of utility shutoffs and house fires in Detroit, and workers living in steel towns rife with industrial pollution, at different times over the course of the last 20 years. The works, written by the Socialist Equality and prominent WSWS authors, provide invaluable historical background of the events they discuss. An additional title included in the bundle, written by WSWS Editorial Board Chairman David North, explains why the unions have abandoned the fight on the behalf of the working class. The bundle contains the following titles:

Price: $17.50

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Individual Titles on Sale

Art as the Cognition of Life: Aleksandr Konstantinovich Voronsky (Selected Writings 1911-1936)

Voronsky was an outstanding figure of post-revolutionary Soviet intellectual life, editor of the most important literary journal of the 1920s in the USSR and a supporter of Trotsky and the Left Opposition in the struggle against Stalinism. He was executed by Stalin in 1937. A defender of the “fellow traveler” writers and an opponent of the Proletarian Culture movement, Voronsky was one of the authentic representatives of classical Marxism in the field of literary criticism in the twentieth century.

Read David Walsh’s recommendation for this book, “Reading Voronsky on art today is to breathe fresh air,” by clicking here.

Price: Now just $19.95 (save 30 percent!)

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Desert Slaughter: The Imperialist War Against Iraq by Workers League

This contemporaneous analysis of the 1991 Persian Gulf War is essential reading for a historical understanding of the driving forces behind the ongoing US war and occupation of Iraq. Desert Slaughter exposes the secret White House operations to draw Saddam Hussein into an invasion of neighboring Kuwait, and thus provide the long-awaited pretext for the US to militarily intervene in this oil-rich region. It explains the sordid maneuvering in the United Nations by the US and other major powers, including the Soviet Union and China, that resulted in UN sponsorship for the horrendous carnage.


Also included is a detailed history of colonial oppression in Iraq and the Middle East and an analysis of why the Arab national leadership has been unable to mount any consistent struggle against it.

Price: Now just $6.95 (save 63 percent!)

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The Platform of the Joint Opposition by Leon Trotsky

The 1927 program of the Joint Opposition drew together the supporters of Leon Trotsky and Grigorii Zinoviev in their political struggle against Stalin and Bukharin. This detailed platform effectively demolishes the claim that Stalinism was a legitimate expression of Marxist politics, and that the course that led to the demise of the Soviet Union was inevitable. It demonstrates that there existed a socialist alternative to the bureaucracy, and that the political victory of the Opposition would have resulted in a very different course of development for the USSR and the entire international labor movement.

Price: Now just $6.95 (save 50 percent!)

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Kronstadt and Petrograd by F.F. Raskolnikov

Raskolnikov's account of the role played by the Kronstadt sailors in the Russian Revolution is fascinating reading for all those who want to know more about what happened in Petrograd in October 1917 and the months leading up to it. The author, who was 25 years old at the time of these events, was a leader of the sailors and a heroic figure in his own right. This lively account was first published in 1925.

Price: Now just $9.95 (save 50 percent!)

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How the Revolution Armed (Five Volume Set) by Leon Trotsky

These five volumes contain Trotsky’s speeches, articles and documents about the Red Army during 1918-1923, years of civil war and bitter Soviet fighting against intervention by the imperialist armies. This volume, which contains essential material on the history of the Russian Revolution, is also one of the major works of 20th Century military writing. First published in Russian in 1923 and then suppressed by Stalin, these writings represent an invaluable documentary record.

Price: Now just $95.00 (save 15 percent!)

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