April WSWS Perspectives available

The April edition of the World Socialist Web Site Perspectives, a journal of the World Socialist Web Site, is now available from Mehring Books.

This issue contains important political statements from the World Socialist Web Site for the month of April indexed by topic. This month’s journal includes the following themes.

The World Economic and Social Crisis: There is continuing analysis of the Greek debt crisis and the escalating demands by the European Union for savage austerity measures against the working class. The WSWS also looks at the Obama administration’s phony Wall Street reform and the issues raised by the lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Goldman Sachs.

The Struggles of the Working Class: The WSWS shows the connection between the deaths of 29 miners in an explosion at a Massey mine in West Virginia and the rash of house fires in Detroit caused by utility shutoffs. The WSWS looks at the agreement by Irish unions to a four-year ban on strikes and the ongoing struggles of airline workers in Europe. There is an important comment on the social significance of the shutdown of air traffic in Europe by a volcanic eruption in Iceland and the resulting chaos.

American Imperialism and War in Central Asia and the Middle East: The WSWS looks at the continued US aggression in Afghanistan and conflicts with its puppet regime in Kabul. Perspectives also examines Israeli threats against Syria and continuing US pressure on Iran.

This issue of the WSWS Perspectives contains analysis of a number of important international elections. It assesses the communal and anti-democratic elections in Iraq and the significance of record low voter turnout in Sri Lanka. There are also statements on the May parliamentary elections in Britain, where the Socialist Equality Party is standing candidates.

The April Perspectives also includes the important statement, “Obama orders the assassination of US Citizen,” which looks at the unprecedented death sentence issued against Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born Muslim cleric reportedly living in Yemen.

The WSWS Perspectives contains both a date-ordered table of contents and a subject index, making it easy to quickly find material on particular themes. It is an important reference resource for Marxist analysis.

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