Latest edition of Perspectives now available

The latest edition of Perspectives, a journal published by the World Socialist Web Site, is now available from Mehring Books. In this month’s magazine, readers will find a collection of articles from the WSWS analyzing and commenting upon the most important events of the day.


The political implications of BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are highlighted in the May edition. The contributions by Tom Eley, Patrick Martin, David Walsh, and other WSWS writers explain the relationship between the unfolding ecological catastrophe, the unfettered right of private corporations to pursue profit, and the subservience of the Obama administration to the oil industry.

Other themes addressed in Perspectives include the unfolding sovereign debt crisis in Europe. In one commentary, David North, chairman of the WSWS International Editorial Board, argues that the financial meltdown gripping Europe not only threatens the breakup of the eurozone, but also the reemergence of trade and military conflict between European nation states. Articles by other authors document the widespread assault on living standards being carried out throughout the continent, as country after country imposes austerity measures in an effort to shore up treasuries depleted by bailouts for big business.

Readers will also find a number of articles examining the struggles of the working class in different parts of the globe, including Greece, Thailand and China. The growth of class conflict is an important indicator of the development of widespread social opposition to the economic system and government policy. The role of the trade unions, social democratic parties, and left-posturing radical organizations in corralling and diverting popular anger is a central theme of articles in the latest edition of Perspectives.

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