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On “A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich”



It was enlightening to read your article. As in the French Revolution, the principles of equality, liberty and fraternity have been and remain betrayed. As self-evident by this following quote, we are not free either: “No nation can be free if it oppresses other nations.” Guess whose quote this is….


E. Besada
5 July 2010

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Great essay. I wish all Americans knew about it.


Greg S
New Hampshire, USA
5 July 2010

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Excellent article! Clearly brings to life the hypocrisy of the Obama regime and the myth of America “Constitution.” Using the Declaration of Independence to expose the lie of those who proclaim their adherence to it…good move, excellent journalism!


5 July 2010

On “Video Series: The Gulf oil spill”

I wish to give my thanks to comrades Damon and Rogers for their tireless work on the Gulf oil crisis. The articles are a superb indictment of the travesty against life that the American capitalist class has inflicted on that region. In addition, the video series was a beautifully done expose of the real impact across all walks of life for the people of the Gulf Coast. Thank you!


Bryan D
6 July 2010

On “BP ‘claims czar’: No compensation for most victims of oil spill”




Rob M
Alabama, USA

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Hey, you guys.


Don’t let up on the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil disaster coverage. It seems to be dropping off or out of the public eye. There is a lot of disinformation or distracting detail that accompanies the spill. BP’s use of the media and the Internet to smokescreen and hide facts about it is concerning.

I think there is cause for concern over the methane hydrates, 40 percent of the total pollutants gushing from the well. Obviously, methane, being one of the worst greenhouse gases, is going to cause all sorts of problems. I’ve been trying to find out information about the concentration of methane in the area. It was the gas that caused the explosion in the first place. I find it saddening how BP has a caption on Google when you search saying, “find out how BP is helping.” Helping what exactly?

Best regards,

2 July 2010