Letters from our readers

On “A conversation with Judith Ehrlich


One must point out: perspective by this filmmaker incredibly limited: “more pressure on Obama.”

7 July 2010

On “A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich

What is taking them (Congress) so long to decide if we get unemployment or not? There are too many people like me who will be homeless. The claim that there are jobs created by the government is a lie. I’m an experienced housekeeper, and I’m having the toughest time trying to find a housekeeping job here in Ohio. I need to know what is the hold up. Congress, stop doing for the rich and help out those who are poor, becoming homeless, are rejected from a job because they don’t have a college degree, car or licenses like myself.

Teresa S
Ohio, USA
7 July 2010


Bill Van Auken needs to be sponsored and supported for another run for the presidency in 2012! His message and what he stands for, articulated in his own special way that cannot be rivaled, must be spread far and wide!

Nelson V
South Dakota, USA
10 July 2010

On “Oil spill reaches Texas and Lake Pontchartrain

Connecting the dots between recent events of the last week:

The markets are cheering over BP’s rise in stock value. The Gulf spill flows while America proceeds headstrong into an Afghan surge that promises to be devastating. The British are in a state of apoplexy over Cameron’s announced budget cuts. The Murdochs wish to seize full control of British popular media through majority ownership of SKY. Scroogle (the Google scraper) is shut down. US government censorship and news media self-censorship have reached a crescendo. Tea Party candidates are gleeful at the prospect of sweeping Congressional and gubernatorial mid-term elections. The Supreme Court has institutionalized “every man for himself” gun laws. The Christian/Catholic Right prepares to banish the “devils” in America following a Republican landslide. The rage expressed at news sites where comments are invited couldn’t be more intense. Homeland Security announces an escalation of its “turn in your neighbor” public education campaign. Government by, for and of the Corporations and Military couldn’t be more evident. Wall Street continues in “business as usual”. President Obama fecklessly sits on the sidelines waiting to be told what to think, do, and say. At times, the country seems ready to explode!

Even a scientist and materialist would agree that every action has a reaction. I call it Karma.

And so it is... that the blood of a million Iraqis and tens of thousands of Afghans who have been murdered for oil... is now spilling into the Gulf.

Michael B
Maine, USA
7 July 2010

On “New Jersey internal records document widespread racial profiling of black and Hispanic motorists

I am a victim of racial profiling of the 1980s as a resident of Paterson, NJ. I consider myself a good citizen. I started working at a very early age driving professionally. I was harassed for driving while being brown. I had cops pull their guns, shout all types of curse words in order to provoke me to get angry, but I had the sense not to give them any motive to kill me. There are many more events of harassment, but I guess the little that I have testified to gives you a general idea of the other events and how they change the way I view cops and the justice system in the USA.

New Jersey, USA
8 July 2010

On “Pennsylvania budget deal cuts education, human services

Balancing the budget by taxing low-income folks is a proven system and has worked in places such as Mexico, Haiti, and other glamorous parts of the world where the living is easy and cotton is high. When wages drop here, it will be hard to imagine how well off we will be. The trickle-down effect will be glorious; we just need to stop impediments to the flow of money upward by such things as wages and insurance.

We’ve witnessed the devastation that happens to societies that choose to tax the fabulously wealthy, and I don’t know a single sane person who would want to be shipped off to these hellholes. Who in their right mind would want to live in Denmark or Norway and experience that lifestyle? I would not even be able to get out of bed in the morning and ride my clean mass-transit to a safe work environment if I knew that 50 percent of my wages were being directed at public health, infrastructure, and education. My motivation would be zero.

Only the risk of having to sleep in the gutter and the reward of a lavish and untaxed lifestyle once I hit it rich keep me involved in my day-to-day work and motivate me to get to work on time. Please don’t take that away from me.

9 July 2010