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June PerspectivesThe June 2010 edition of WSWS Perspectives, a journal of the World Socialist Web Site, is now available from Mehring Books. Take advantage of our Summer Sale offer and receive 10 percent off the regular subscription price now through July 31.

This issue of WSWS Perspectives contains extensive analysis of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which has demonstrated the complete subservience of the Obama administration to the corporate and financial elite, exposing its inability to mount any serious response to a social and environmental disaster of unprecedented magnitude.

There is also in-depth coverage of the world economic crisis. Ulrich Rippert analyzes the austerity budget proposed by the Merkel government in Germany, while Nick Beams looks at divisions between the major capitalist powers on the eve of the G20 summit in Toronto. Patrick Martin writes on Obama’s jobless “recovery.”

The articles cover the wars in Central Asia and the Middle East, including the massacre by Israeli forces of peace activists attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. “Why was General McChrystal fired?”, by Barry Grey, looks at the crisis of the Obama administration’s Afghanistan policy.

Find these and many more features in the June 2010 journal.

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