Letters from our readers

On “Shooting rampage leaves nine dead at Connecticut beer distributor


Kate Randall’s account of the workplace shooting was remarkable for its rational tone and absence of glib conclusions. All too often these reports are sensationalized or exploited in an effort to make them more “readable.” Randall treated the tragedy the way it deserved to be treated... with restraint. Well done.

Dave M
6 August 2010


That “Americans have been told that their personal and financial crises are individual problems ... ”, to the extent that people buy into this idea, one can’t help but wonder how many workplace-derived psychoses end in suicide.

Heinz S
6 August 2010

On “US war criminals threaten WikiLeaks, Private Manning


Dear Patrick Martin and SEP,

The movement to stifle, to repress and now to make criminal the exposure of the criminal wars and those who wage them must be countered.

Equally needed is solidarity with Bradley Manning and the people who set up and activated the revelations.

The next step on the real war criminals’ part may very well be the same for the collusion with that other war criminal state, Israel, on waging economic war on Iran, tantamount to a military war...

Michael S
Santa Rosa, California, USA
5 August 2010

On “Socialist Equality Party candidate interviewed on Melbourne radio


The hosts were pea-brained know-nothings, but Mr. O’Connor managed to hold his own and get across some essential points. Good job.

5 August 2010

On “‘Independent claims czar’ on BP payroll


“A real program for redressing the victims of the catastrophe would require the seizure of hundreds of billions of dollars in assets from BP and oil industry executives and shareholders without compensation.”

Clearly, this will never happen: Obama and Big Business in general, and BP in particular, are like two hands joined together in mutual solidarity of state and capital, against the working class. This has been evident for a long time, but especially in a more obvious way at the time of Katrina and Deep Horizon disasters, with this Feinberg case, as the most egregious and evident example of the Obama/BP collusion against the working class, and in the midst of an environmental disaster without precedence.

What strikes me as bizarre is a lack of any organised protest by the thousands upon thousands of ordinary people affected in the five southern states and indeed throughout the US. Will the administration and its partner in crime, BP, be let off the hook as was Bush and his administration in 2005? This, at the time when the November elections are approaching? It appears that, sadly, yes.

3 August 2010


On “G20 Review Boards set to whitewash Toronto police-state tactics


When the public demands an investigation, it could publish the minimum findings that are required from the investigation. If these minimum findings are widely publicized, they can be used to knock against the investigation’s conclusions and recommendations.


If all the widely publicized minimum findings are not met, it would be evident whether the investigation was genuine or a whitewash.

Apparently the families of those who lost kin in the Twin Towers ‘Terrorist Attacks’ published such a list and many of the fundamental questions were ignored.


If publishing the minimum findings for any investigation becomes standard practice, it will become more and more difficult to hold whitewash investigations.

Gary M
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
3 August 2010