Letters from our readers

On “Voters speak to the WSWS on election day


The WSWS’s article covering the responses of Australian voters to the election is wonderful. Such an article documenting voter opinions in their own words hardly ever appears in bourgeois publications during elections and certainly those that do, do not allow the diverse and intelligent comments the WSWS has uncovered. It is an almost startling and very refreshing break from the bottom-feeding crudity and cynicism of the international bourgeois press. As this article shows, the working class is seriously tiring of the media’s and politicians’ model universe because it is utterly incapable of explaining the real thing.

Massachusetts, USA
23 August 2010


Brilliant work and great job to the writers and collaborators for all the work that obviously went behind this article and the other articles covering the Australian situation. It’s very inspiring to see the SEP making such an impression on people who are seeing the deceptions of capitalism for what they are.

James S
California, USA
23 August 2010

On “Rush Limbaugh backs 50 percent pay cut for auto workers

What would he do if he were asked to cut his wages 50 percent? He would be heard all over the place as if he isn’t heard now, with his big mouth. He doesn’t give a hoot for the working class as long as he gets what he wants.

Ohio, USA
21 August 2010


I’m just excited to read that wsws.org was mentioned to a national radio audience. Keep up the good work!

Greg S
New Hampshire, USA
21 August 2010

On “New provocation against WikiLeaks

There is a fourth “likely goal” you may have overlooked. Number four would be to give the right-wing press an ongoing tag line for any future news items involving Julian Assange: “still sought by authorities for an unresolved sex allegation.” You also forgot the other option the military-political apparatus has adopted for itself: summary assassination.

Tom N
California, USA
23 August 2010


The Journal cited a letter from Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Charles Johnson to a lawyer for WikiLeaks last week, which stated: “It is the view of the Department of Defense that WikiLeaks obtained this material in circumstances that constitute a violation of United States law, and that as long as WikiLeaks holds this material, the violation of the law is ongoing.”

Translation: WikiLeaks has violated no laws, but the DOD shall view things as though it has and make life miserable for it until WikiLeaks no longer holds any DOD. The quoted letter uses the passive voice. It proffers a “view” but not a charge. The “circumstances” by which WikiLeaks obtained the information were indeed criminal but the letter does not bring itself to say that the WikiLeaks committed the crime. Manning did. Possibly some tortured rendering of a law would bring one element of Manning’s crime to a close if WikiLeaks stopped holding the “material.” Alternately, Daniel Ellsberg was careful not to pilfer paper, but to copy information, because the US, unlike Great Britain, does not count “information” as a material good. Possibly something “material” was taken and provided to WikiLeaks that constitutes “possession of stolen property,” making its continued possession of the “material,” but not the “information,” a continuing crime. The DOD cannot say what laws are broken because the legal end is a bluff. The threats of frame-ups, kidnapping, and more are a very real threat.

M Green
22 August 2010

On “Class struggle erupts in South Africa


I think the person in the letter predicted everything that is happening in South Africa right now. The question remains, when will it happen here?

27 August 2010